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if we are already vaccinated do we still need to get this before travel?


  • Aside from medical recommendations to improve your immunity, if you look at the country requirements many require boosters or they won't let you in. Do you really want to go thru all the exoense, hassle, plaaning, etc only to be stopped at the airport?

  • Your selfish attitude towards your fellow travelers is what seems ridiculous.

  • Tauck definitely reads and responds to the comments on the review cards.

  • Windi - I would not feel save traveling with you. You have a choice and Tauck made a business decision. It also needs to ensure that its customers comply with national and local requirements. On our recent trip there were people who did not think all the shots were necessary yet got them becasue they wanted to travel with Tauck. I am glad they did as they were very nice people and I was happy to travel with them.

  • No one is forcing anyone to get any shots or boosters. If you don't, however, you don't get the opportunities and advantages available to those who do, nor the protection. Seems an easy decision to me.

  • I hope Tauck is checking that everyone is vaccinated and boosted. I would not feel safe.

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