Tauck Arranged Covid Test in Prague Experiences?

We are traveling on the westbound The Blue Danube tour in June.

Does anyone have any experience with Tauck's arrangement for Covid test for re-entry into the US in Prague? The day before the tour ends is for city excursions and we are leaving for the US the day the tour ends. When & where do they do the testing? Cost? Any problems getting documented (email?) test results in time?

Thank you and happy travels to all.


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    I hope someone who ended a cruise in Prague last year responds but I'm not sure very many cruises actually happened last year and none start til next month. We did take back to back Switzerland and French tours last year and in both cases the TD arranged testing in time to meet the U.S.requirements. The details - cost, location - depended on the country. In Switzerland the TD made appts at a nearby testing center, but in Paris the tech came to our hotel and did it all right there in the lobby. I would expect Tauck would likely do the same for a group on a cruise.

    I would imagine one of the first things the TDs will tell once you join the cruise will be how all this will happen. In particular note how you'll pay for it. In Switzerland they could charge it, in Paris we paid cash in Euros. I would expect somewhere in the range of 40-50 Euro per person.

  • Inlanikai,

    It will be very easy for you since you are flying home directly after your tour. Claudia Sails is correct when stating the tour director will explain all the details and will make all the arrangements. For a large group such as a river cruise, I think the testing will occur in the Prague hotel (assuming you stay in a hotel after disembarking the boat). Regardless, all you will need to do is to arrive at the designated testing location.

    Our experience last fall, albeit a different river cruise, was fast and efficient. We paid seventy (70) euros for two rapid antigen tests and the results were e-mailed to us within one hour. Credit cards were accepted, but we were encouraged to pay cash.

    Enjoy your tour and please post a review afterwards if you can.

  • If it is anything like our recent tour, those who will be flying home on Day 12 (after midnight on Day 11) will be tested after the morning walking tours. Testing will take place in a location in the Hilton Prague Old Town. However, since lunch is on your own and not provided by Tauck, and some people may elect to leave the walking tour early or seek a place to eat in town rather than return to the hotel, testing may be scheduled before or after breakfast and before the walking tours. At that time, those who have a post stay or two will have the opportunity to schedule the test for Day 12 or later. Credit many or may not be accepted. It was not for our post stay test.

    Your TD will explain all this and provide options. It wasn't in ours, but the information may also be in the eGreen Book which you should receive in a few weeks.

  • The testing for our Holland-Belgium river cruise for those leaving for the USA on the day of disembarkation took place the night before on the ship. For those staying extra days, the testing was at 10 am in the hotel the day before departure.

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    Yes - for Holland-Belgium rivercruise, Tauck arranged the tests and gave you a schedule based on when you were flying back. So some people had their test on the ship and others who were staying longer had their tests done at the hotel. It was 60 Euros each and had to be cash so that caught a few people off-guard, although they had a few days notice to get to an ATM/bank.

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