Grand Alaska question

Once we are on the Princess ship what is the level of Tauck involvement from that point forward?
Do we have Tauck excursions at the ports? Dinners together? Is our tour director still with us?

Thanks in advance


  • Refer to Tauck's website for this trip. The shore excursions are exclusively for Tauck guests and the tour director(s) will remain with the group. I can't speak to the dinners, but I believe there may be some Tauck-only events. At other times there may be open seating and you can sit with whomever you wish. Perhaps someone with direct experience with this tour can answer the dinner question, especially as it relates to COVID protocols.

  • Yes, you will be with your TD for the cruise portion and all shore excursions are for Tauck only. kfnknfzk is absolutely correct.

    As far as meals go: All breakfasts and lunches on the ship are on your own. Some dinners on the ship are as a group and others are on your own. As I recall, we had two dinners as a group in the main dining room - the first night and formal night. Our TD also booked the group into two of the specialty restaurants - the steakhouse and the Italian restaurant. On the specialty nights, half the group went to one and half to the other. The groups then swapped restaurants for the second specialty night. Of course, this may have changed over time or vary with the TD.

    I did a "review and tips" for this trip in 2018. You should read that.

  • Very nice and informative review, Ken from Vegas.

  • Thanks Ken, this has helped us for our July trip as we have never been on a big cruise ship before.

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    I see that there are several Princess ships on this tour. We have done the Grand Princess to Alaska with our ‘kids’. We found it to be a nice ship, and the food was good. We got two adjacent suites for that trip so the six of us were able to enjoy many of the sights together from our balconies.

    Tauck probably has your day in Skagway filled up, but the ship is probably running a tour to the Korschel Wildlife Center and it is a great tour if you like ‘wild’ animals, or if you have been to Skagway before.

  • Cute!

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    Steve Kroschel is a funny guy. At one point in the tour he said, this animal is going to come out just long enough to get the food. Anyone who can identify it gets five bucks. So he opened the house and the animal darted out and back in, and our five year old grandson said, “That’s a Pine Marten”, and he got the five bucks.

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  • Sealord - Smart kid!

  • Yes Alan … also known as the American Pine Marten. How about the three days to Athens story?

  • I’ll get around to it. 😀

  • You are like the nightly news … three commercials later they haven’t told you the story they said was coming up next. (;-)

  • I was watching Better Call Saul last night, and I figured out what AMC stands for - A Million Commercials.

  • Not when you have fast forward. Always start watching shows about twenty minutes in and rarely see commercials

  • Actually, I did record it. I began watching it about 20 minutes after the official start time and finished at the top of the hour. Average number of presses of the 30 sec FF button per commercial segment was 10!

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