Savor was a bust!



  • You will enjoy your trip. We had a delightful time. I was just on the Savor. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do. I really don’t moan and groan about the little things brcsuse I don’t want go be that person. There is always the comment card at the end of your trip to note all the positives abs negatives. Yes, the Savor had a mini refrig.

  • I think I am detecting some horse carrion. :D

  • I just received word from my TA that Tauck is issuing refund checks and vouchers for our 4/18 trip. We certainly didn’t complain and thought the service and food quality was very good and only a notch or two below Tauck’s usual excellence. We’ll happily take the refund though.

  • So clearly, there must have been a fair number of valid complaints! You only have to see very little presence of complaints about Tauck on the web to realize they do very well compared to several rival companies

  • I just received a voucher for 500.00 per person (the voucher expires in June) and yes, totally unexpected but a delightful surprise. I only complained in a nice way about a local guide that I didn't care for and just a couple of the dinners. I love the different venues that we were taken for the welcome dinner and the farewell dinner to but the meals at these beautiful places such as a palace or a museum are much to be desired.

  • OT34, just curious, when you say your (generous!) voucher expires in June, do you mean 2023, or do you have to use it to book a tour by this June?

  • Yes, it says it expires 2023. Sorry that I wasn’t clear. I have other trips scheduled with Tauck and I’m in the process of checking if the voucher can be applied toward the balance of a future trip.

  • I received a $500 voucher for a river cruise in July 2019 that expired in a year. Really a minor inconvenience which was in no way under Tauck’s control. Fast forward through Covid and our next trip is October 2023. Tauck honored the expired voucher without question. A+++ customer service!

  • That is honorable. Enjoy your trip.

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    Bsp, was that the Main blockage after Viking took out a lock? That happened to us and we got $500 pp vouchers. Already used.

  • Claudia - Nope. Problem on the tracks from Milan to Basel. Had to take different route. Crowded train. 4 Hour late arrival. In the scheme of things, just another story to tell.

  • I applaud your attitude, BSP51. Sometimes those unexpected events yield additional adventures on a trip.

  • We received an email from Tauck too…saying that our recent river tour (4/13) was not up to the expected standards and we would be receiving $500 vouchers per person. I had made an observation in my evaluation regarding our trip. Not a complaint but a bit puzzled how a positive Covid guest and his spouse had been handled on board. On Monday, here’s an email with the vouchers attached, like Our Travels, it expires June 2023. We will easily use it for one of our 2023 booked trips. A pleasant surprise…

  • The Main lock debacle actually worked to our advantage. We ended up seeing additional sights, all the original sights, and didn't have an entire wasted day just cruising. We did have to swap ships and had a bit more bus time, but it was made pretty painless. Our vouchers we had a year to apply them to a tour not that we had to travel by that date. Of course then covid hit and we weren't sure what was going to happen.

  • If you haven’t used the old vouchers I think Tauck would still honor them.

  • I just received a voucher for 500.00 per person (the voucher expires in June) and yes, totally unexpected but a delightful surprise. I only complained in a nice way on my comment form about a local guide that I just didn't care for, and just a couple of the dinners. I love the different venues that we were taken to for the welcome dinner and the farewell dinner but, honestly, the meals at these extraordinary beautiful and historical places such as a palace or a museum or an opera house are much to be desired.
    FYI: My travel agent inquired and Tauck is extending my voucher to be used for my October 2023 trip. I am grateful that that can honor my request.

  • Eleonore, we also were on a tour in 2018, Amsterdam to Budapest, when an unauthorized barge became stuck in the Danube. Over 90 ships, mainly commercial, were stopped. We were just north of Passau, docked for two days in Straubing, our captain rode a bike 14 miles to the site to see if he could navigate around it. No way, so we were bussed the rest of the way. Only half a day in Vienna, which was the big disappointment, and a mediocre hotel in Bratislava but we made do and still had a fabulous time. Upon our return, Tauck gave us each a $1500 credit towards another trip. We won’t travel with anyone else.

  • Savor revisited. Looking back at out April cruise and reading so many of the reviews and responses, I need to put this to bed once and for all. We have taken dozens of cruises over the decades both river and ocean. Each one has it's own personality and our expectations do not waiver Covid or no Covid. As a matter of fact, we just completed another Tauck tour in June. The Savor trip was just not acceptable. Tauck agreed and gave passengers from $500 to $1500 credit for future cruises. We were at the $500 level but I suppose it's better than nothing. Heading to Egypt and Jordan in February and yes it's also partly on the water. Still love Tauck and will continue to book them in the future.

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