Any Lion, Elephant or Giraffe ...

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Willing to share their experience on tour, what they like the most and what they recommend. :) 3 tours had been completed and not a word from anyone....



  • Mil, I am super curious too! I just purchased an Abbott COVID test kit for international travel. It comes as a two pack, so you are most welcome to take my spare should you need it for your CT extended stay. Also supplemented my Guest Protection policy by contacting It was $49 to upgrade my protection It is the TVPPLUS option. You will need your Tauck trip ID number if you decide to purchase. Hope you are eating more ice cream!

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    Hi my friend(LadyB) :) , sure I could share the Abbott Covid Test and we can split the cost. :) no problem.. and thank your for the offer. :)
    I read your post about the supplement on the Guest Protect.- I imagine your Guest Protection is with Tauck like my too and it's great to know about aontravelproplus and the cost to get it , excellent!
    I was going to wait another month or so... to see if the pressure from the Air industry and tour sector finally gets the return PCR test requirement dismiss .. but if by the time of Tauck's payment due date is not yet dismissed, I will purchase it for sure , better to be protected then having to pay thousands..
    I've been checking the COVID #'s in each region, only Cape a little high, Botswana is clear and Zambia not bad.

    Regarding the Ice Cream addiction.. I had to stop after I saw my weight going up a couple of pounds. :)
    I seat all day at work, so I have to watch my weight. The weather here is not getting warmer as fast as other years and it's still on the wet side, no cross training yet.

    Are you getting ready? I have a bunch of things booked and started to watch some wild photography videos on YouTube to refresh my skills.
    I've also separate the safari clothes and I've already gotten my Malaria pills too.
    So, now it's just a waiting game... 92 days... :) Uff!, too lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

    Okay Lady, I should go back to work.. nice to hear from you, I'll keep you posted if anything new. Take care and thank you for all the info.
    Have a great afternoon.

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    hello, Great breaking news!!!
    The PCR test to enter USA has been lifted, need no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hallelujah! Let’s hope it stays lifted! Thanks for the links you sent. I have decided to walk with the lions and have asked the Royal Livingstone concierge to help me with that reservation as the Makuni Big 5 safari website is iffy. Lunch at the Elephant Cafe might be a no go 🥲. I have an appointment with my travel doc to get all the necessary pills/shots. I have concerns about the yellow fever vaccine that I will discuss with him. Dreaming about this trip for two years, and it is finally looking like a dream that will come true♥️

  • LadyB. Hi.
    Well, you felt in love with the idea of walking with the lions, happy you decided to do it. :) they are amazing animals..
    Regarding the meds. - don't wait to get them all at once, do them one at a time.. it is much better on your body and chances of getting sick from them is minimal. I have them all and only have to take the Malaria with me.
    91 days :)

  • Good advice, mil! Great pic, Sealord; makes you look, however, like a real LANDLORD 🦁😊

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    So, is everyone watching Tauck’s COVID policy? Will they still test and quarantine at the end of a tour? The US dropping the return test could have a ripple effect with other countries, or not. Right now, many tours that cross a border still require a negative test to enter the second country. So . . . .???? We are not out of the woods yet folks.

  • milmil
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    for now Dubai-Lusaka-Botswana and Cape T. do not require a PCR test.

  • I just looked at the updated requirements for our upcoming Blue Danube tour (not just Tauck's criteria)...Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary...up to date Covid Vaccinations are what some of the countries want proof word of Antigen tests...hoping that doesn't change. Surprisingly, some European countries aren't even asking for vaccination proof anymore. There are good sites to check the requirements for entering countries...worth checking but truly, it will be a work in progress gong forward.

  • We just returned from the May 28 tour to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. It was a magical tour!! We were fortunate to have great weather the entire trip. We saw an amazing amount of animals including lions!! All of the lodgings at the different camps were wonderful. And the food was great! I'm going to miss our high tea afternoons. We had 17 in our group and all tested negative for trip back to USA. We had a little bit of trouble trying to buy our Visa into Zambia. It was recommended to bring bills dated 2006 or newer. What we found out is they will not accept ANY bills with markings or tears. They finally said we could use a credit card. It took forever for everyone to get their visas. Make sure you have QR code for your covid vaccination info at airports.

    Definitely bring warm clothes for Camp Kalahari...gloves, long John's and warm coat for early morning game drives and late afternoon excursions. Happy to answer any questions if I can!

  • milmil
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    Bob and Lisa, HI!!!!!!!!!!!! my new Heroes :)
    you guys Thank you!! finally someone has answer... I'm so excited to hear from someone.. now I will read your post. :)
    Thanks a million.

  • milmil
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    I just read it. May I ask a couple of questions.

    1- in Cape town on last day, Day11th did you visited the Penguins and Boulders beach?
    2- which airport did you flight into in Zambia?
    3-where you able to go up Table mountain?
    4- did you had sufficient game drives?
    5- What about the water levels at the Victoria Falls

    Please advise. Thanks a million

  • In Cape Town, we drove to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point Lighthouse. Had lunch in Simon's Town, then went to Boulders to see the African Penguins.

    We flew into Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Airport formerly Livingstone Airport, Zambia.

    Yes, we went to the top of Table Mountain. It was a beautiful day...the views were amazing.
    The game drives were sufficient. We saw so many animals...our tour director kept telling us how fortunate we were. We saw lions male and female, baby lion cub nursing, Elephants and their little ones ,Giraffes, Zebras, Hippos, Rhinos etc. One group saw a leopard!!

    The water level at the falls was a few weeks away from reaching it's peak. Stunning!!

  • milmil
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    Thank you so much, for the info about the penguins, it helps a lot. I was planning a day tour to both on my xtra day, but I guess I can switch to something else since Tauck is visiting Boulders beach & the penguins. Great!
    I'm glad you had a great time, it is always pleasant to hear others trip and experiences.
    Thanks for your reply, have a lovely evening.

  • Lady Bombay. Would you share what your Dr. said about the yellow fever vaccine.

  • What does another person’s doctor do to help you. You are unique and may have a different health profile. You need to talk to your dr.

  • My Doctor said, at 71, I could ask for an exemption but because we will be there for 6 days, I should probably get it. As you age, your chances of contracting yellow fever from the vaccine go up. I was just wondering what other Doctors have to say, as my appointment to get it is coming up.

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    You can’t get yellow fever from the vaccine

    Here are some frequently asked question from the CDC

  • Thank you for the link. I guess it is just the luck of the draw if you get it for the first time over age 60. I will probably get it.

  • Debi, I got my YF vaccination at age 68 with no ill effects—other than a sore arm, I had no reaction at all.

  • Debi, I sent you a private message.

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    Bob and Lisa, mil and I have been anxiously awaiting some feedback on the B, Z and SA trip which we are taking in early September. Thanks a million! I am so looking forward to my first trip since early March 2020 when I was in SA just before the world shut down. The best news is that no one in your group tested positive for COVID. I think an outdoor oriented land tour is much safer than a cruise at this point. Did your cozy group of 17 mask or try to socially distance?Did a meerkat sit on your head?! Did you sleep under the stars in the Kalahari?

  • milmil
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    I just booked a whale watching boat trip from Hermanus-with hotel transfer for Sept. 21st- my xtra day in Cape Town, now I think, I'm all cover.... no more adds on... :) !

  • Ladybombay,
    This trip ranks as one of our all time favorites! We did have a small group. We travel with friends, and this trip there were 14 of us. There was another couple with their grandson( graduation gift) to bring the group total to 17. We were all vaccinated and as you said, we did a lot of outdoor activities. Our tour director kept telling us how lucky we were because we had great weather and we saw so many animals...Lions... male and female with a cub, Elephants with little ones, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Rhinos! I could not believe how close we actually got to the animals. And yes,I had a meerkat on my head. We did not sleep under the stars in the Kalahari. It was definitely cold when the sun went down so I was glad to have a puff jacket,gloves and earmuffs, especially on the early morning game drives. I hope you have as wonderful an experience as we did!

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    Bob and Lisa hi, glad you had a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing your experience...
    May I ask ..if you can kindly share what was Cape Town like, what activities did you do?
    Also how was the Victoria Falls?

  • Bob and Lisa, many thanks for your report. I have a few more questions: Did you have the option of sleeping in the Kalahari? I am thinking you chose not to do so because of the cold weather, but maybe your tour did not offer it? Was your welcome dinner aboard the train that crosses Vic Falls? Finally, what dates did you travel? Again, thanks so much.I am really happy you had such a positive experience!🐘🦒🦁

  • It is less likely you will be able to sleep in the desert in the early part of the year

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