Luggage on Cruising the Seine plus London and Paris

In the past on river cruises we have each taken a large suitcase and split one more for shoes. This has not been a problem but we’re wondering about luggage on the train from London to Paris. What kind of service is there? Are you expected to schlep your own luggage on the train? What will Tauck take care of for us? Any experience?


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    Tauck performs all the luggage handling. Sometimes, they will transport the luggage by bus while guests take the high speed train. Sometimes they will place the luggage on an earlier train. Either way when you enter your riverboat cabin, you will find your luggage on the bed. Check the website for your tour for luggage dimensions and maximum pieces allowed.

    Please post a review if you can since I will be taking this tour next spring. Enjoy!

  • Meg533, I just did that river cruise last May, Tauck will take care of the luggage.

  • Just did this trip June 6. Luggage goes to Paris by ferry and taken to your cabin. One couple we friended, mother/daughter brought 3 pieces of luggage. The daughter had never traveled before. She was in her fifties. This was checked luggage, not carry-on. Had a little chuckle.

  • We did this cruise with one checked bag each and then joined the 2 week England Scotland Wales tour. We only had one checked bag each and one carryon tote bag. We found a laundromat in London in between the tours. We had plenty of clothing and shoes including dressy outfits/sport coat for both tours. The only thing I could have used was a warmer jacket for Scotland.

  • Thanks everyone. I think we're going to try to get by without the extra shoe bag....

  • Meg, given how much trouble the airports/airlines are having with luggage that's wise.

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    Meg, you gave me a chuckle; a suitcase just for shoes! I usually take only the shoes on my feet, comfy nice-looking flats, and if feeling luxe, I'll toss in flip flops or foldable flats for evening. My goal for my fall tour is carry-on only due to short layover, so fewer toiletries. Clothes are not my issue; it's the TSA rules. I discovered by accident that TSA doesn't care about little sample containers or packets, so that gives me some leeway.

  • Have you come across the shampoo and conditioner that looks like a bar of soap, got some, not tried yet.

  • I almost fell off my chair, an extra suitcase for shoes! The least amount of shoes I take along, the happier I am. You'll have that much more more in a suitcase. What would happen if the shoe suitcase was lost or delayed? I bring, two pairs of tennis shoes (mine are incredible light weight with good support) one black pair, one white pair, a pair of ballerina black flats, and if I feel like it and if it's hot, some sort of comfy sandals and flip flops. My feet get defeated and it feels better if I walk on different shoes throughout a tour. It would be another story if I were to go somewhere which required heavy duty hiking shoes, etc. It always blew my bubble when I noticed women hobbling along on heels on cobblestones streets in Europe or even in a ship with all the stairs. Plus, when you're dining, I never noticed anyone looking at feet. On my 11 day Canada Maritimes trip, a couple did bring an extra suitcase just for shoes.

  • Yes, lots of non-liquid/gel alternatives these days and natural to boot: solid poo/cond, tooth tabs, deo of course, dry powdered poos, lotion bars, shea or coconut, that start solid but melt on skin. Of course I can always go lowbrow and use hotel options. I was en route returning from Australia when liquid/gel ban started and security said they'd never seen such a crowded Ziploc. I gave myself a facial at airport and had to give away some precious Aesop samples (this was before brand was available here) to airport staff. I take it as a challenge to outwit TSA.

  • Oh my, I remember the total fluids ban, I had just had eye surgery that required drops and they took them off me. So we have made progress, well maybe 😂

  • To clarify, the shoes had nothing to do with fashion. They are strictly for comfort and being able to take more than one pair of walking shoes in order to trade off each day. Our large suitcases are small by comparison to others we have seen. And hard sided. So it's difficult to squeeze in 3-4 pair. Never more than one pair of flats for dress, 2 pair of walking and maybe one pair of sandals. Add that in with men's shoes--3 pair or so--and you've go a lot of space eaten up. It worked very well to just have a shoe bag--not a suitcase but a duffel bag. But when we did that previously we were gone 3 weeks and not moving around as much as this trip. So we won't be trying that this time. The comment about luggage issues is worth considering as well---I'd hate to be stuck with one pair while the others float around the world....not that it couldn't happen anyway. Thanks everyone!

  • Funny thing happened to us several years ago when we took our grandkids to Atlantis in the Bahamas. My daughter-in-law also packs a shoe bag .
    The only bag that arrived was the shoe bag! Needless to say we had to go purchase swimsuits the next day.

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