Switzerland: Europe's Crown Jewel - July 03, 2019



  • Kathy, we're taking this tour next year plus adding a few days at the end for our own exploring so I have some interest in whether I can get laundry done either midway or in Luzern. I looked at all the hotels and none said specifically if they had laundry service but in my experience with the hotels Tauck selects, they will likely all offer laundry service although it's likely to be very expensive ex: 6 euros or more to launder a pair of slacks.

    I then used the google maps "Nearby" function to see if there were laundromats within walking distance of the hotels. Here's what I found:
    Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano - Lavanderia Self Service Laundry 1.5 miles from the hotel
    Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel &Spa - Rosis Wash Saloon 1/2 mile from the hotel, Self Service Laundry Toscana less than a quarter mile
    Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern - I found several within walking distance but this isn't likely to help unless you're staying longer as well.

    We try hard to pack at least some items that can reasonably be laundered in the sink and dry within a day. Cotton or wool usually takes too long, but blends and synthetics will dry fairly quickly. They also tend to be lighter weight.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks so much Claudia!!! I appreciate your response! :)

  • Claudia Sails, 12:40PM. . . . .We try hard to pack at least some items that can reasonably be laundered in the sink and dry within a day. Cotton or wool usually takes too long, but blends and synthetics will dry fairly quickly. They also tend to be lighter weight.

    In a pinch, we have been known to use the hairdryer to speed the drying process! :D During Classic Italy it came in handy that we lucked out with huge room that had two hairdryers!

  • Yep. Don’t usually do much laundry apart from the occasional piece of underwear if I feel we might be running low. Hairdryer has been useful when you get one of those hotels where things will not dry.

  • Oh my goodness ... this is such good information. We are taking this tour in September of this year and it is going to be our first with Tauck. Having read these posts has made me more excited than ever. :smiley:

  • Great comments and very much appreciated. We will be on the Sept 15th trip and the excitement is building daily.

  • Alina and woodeast, I hope you guys give us a lengthy trip report when you're back. I love all the details. Best of luck on your tours.

  • Portolan - I was wondering about the weather. I have read the little green book from Tauck, I have checked on-line, but I was wondering what it was like when you were there. Were people comfortable in jeans, capri's?? Is it humid there?? Thanks so much!!! It's just about a month to go for my trip to begin!!!!!! :-)

  • Kathy,

    This year predicting weather in Europe (everywhere, really) seems to be a dice roll. We arrived the week after the first major heat wave in Europe (it had been over 100 in Lugano) and so the temperatures were back closer to normal. Most days the highs were warm and didn't require jackets, but not too warm so we were comfortable in casual wear. Nights were consistently cool (a bit less so in Lugano). All of the hotels were air conditioned which we mostly turned off especially at night since they all had windows which could be opened.

    Then, of course, you have some cool/cold temperatures when doing the high alps trips. Especially on the Jungfrau where you'll be having a reception in an ice palace and walking on glacial snow. With the wind when on the glacier, the wind chill was probably mid-20's. Gloves and ear covering highly recommended. It was nice and sunny that day which made it feel like a nice winter day in Washington (DC). Mostly the trip temps were quite comfortable. But you need to keep an eye on the actual conditions when you get a week or so out. Who would have expected it to be 108 in Paris last week?

  • Thanks so much!!! I'll definitely be checking closer to our tour and am hopeful for non-Paris temps by that time. :-) Getting excited for the trip!!

  • My husband and I are on this trip the end of August. After reading this site I am getting so excited. Thanks for all of the good info. I'll write a summary as soon as we return.

  • Steven_Reed2 - I start right after you on Sept. 1st...looking forward to the tour!! Enjoy yours!

    Portolan - I forgot to mention that I order Silicone shoe covers for our sneakers...supposed to be rainproof and skidproof for Jungfrau. I especially don't want my mother slipping while visiting there. Trying to avoid any potential injuries!! :-)

  • Kathy,

    Good idea. As you go out onto the 'Plateau' (aka glacier), there is a moderately steep uphill climb at the start. Not hard to negotiate. Coming down, however, gravity isn't your friend and we saw a few folks lose their footing. No danger of falling over some edge, just taking a bit of a tumble on packed snow.

  • Will be interested in how the silicone covers work for slip resistance. Several to chose from on Amazon but mixed reviews. I'm thinking yaktracks might be a good idea as well.

  • I think I saw these silicone soles and discounted them, I can’t remember why.

  • British - they'll probably tear as I put them over my sneakers, lol, but I figured I'd try!! I'm hopeful I just at least get one use out of them. I definitely don't want to pack any boots or something too bulky for my feet for the trip!! I'll find out soon enough how they hold up. :-)

  • Yes, please let me know, I’d like to take that tour, we just were in Zurich on the Rhine River Cruise and loved it and the scenery when we were on the train.

  • I just wore my sneakers to the top of the Jungfrau and they were fine. Feet were warm enough and no slipping. The ice palace was a bit slippery, but there are handrails to hold onto.

  • Regarding Junfrau: I was planning on taking some lightweight boots. Overkill?

    Did you need a raincoat?

    As you can guess, I like to be prepared.

  • While in Switzerland, do folks change clothes for dinner? Are dinners held in the hotels or elsewhere in town?

  • You don't need boots for the Jungfrau, but I suggest thick rubber soles. It's no more likely to rain on the Jungfrau than at sea level. I usually bring a lightweight poncho that will fit over sweaters or a jacket wherever I go, but, fortunately, have rarely had to use it.

  • Helena_Spring,

    Some dinners are in the hotel using Tauck's a la carte approach (you sit in smaller groups at a time convenient to you and order off the menu), others like the welcome dinner are full group seating with a set menu, still others are at local restaurants with full group seating and set menus. Dress is "smart casual" or words to that effect. A few men with sports jackets, but mostly not. Ties very rare.

  • Agree, been on several Tauck tours. Dress for dinner is snappy casual most nights, some nights even casual. Lady's can where slacks & a blouse or sweater. Men nice shirt & slacks. Very few sport jackets ..

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