Rhine Enchantment Southbound June 10, 2019

Hi. Just booked this. Anyone else going on this one?


  • JayCrosson wrote:
    Hi. Just booked this. Anyone else going on this one?
    We are booked on it also with another couple. Looking forward to it. Tauck river cruising is great!
  • Yes, we went on the Danube cruise several years ago and absolutely loved it. Hoping this one will be just as special.
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    Did anyone travel on this trip southbound and could advise which side of boat is best for seeing the sights on
    the Rhine from Amsterdam to Milan?

  • We've done 2 Rhine cruises and the only really scenic part is the upper middle section - your day 4 activity - where they are castles on both sides of the river. For that you'll want to be on the sun deck or the lounge listening to the tour director. We don't ever pick cabins based on what we think we'll see from them. You're often cruising in the evening or overnight so you'll miss it. In port you stand a good chance of having your view obscured by another ship docked along side.

  • We were on a northbound trip but sights were on both sides. Going south, starboard might have a slight advantage.

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    Regardless of the direction of travel, the riverboats always moor (tie up) with the bow (front) facing upstream (S/SE) against the flow (the Rhine flows N/NW. ) Some places you will see little but the dock / port, nothing interesting, from your cabin so it is hit or miss. The boat does most traveling at night, so frankly you won't see much from your cabin windows while on the river. If the boat is traveling and it is daylight and you are up, you'll most likely be watching the sights go by from the restaurant while eating, the lounge, or from out on deck. I tried to figure a plan and select a cabin for our Danube cruise- it really was a wasted effort.

  • The Danube is especially bad about having other ships blocking your view when docked. There's just so many different ships sailing the Danube.

  • On the Rhine there is a day of sailing where most guests will be up top to see the many castles. I believe that is what beautifultrip1 was referring to . It is a wonderful several hours of floating sightseeing.

  • Per wikipedia "The Rhine Gorge is a popular name for the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 65 km section of the Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen". This is when you want to be where you want to have your camera ready and be able to see both sides.

  • There is a section above and below the Lorelei that has the highest concentration of castles anywhere in Europe. If the weather is nice you won't want to be watching from your cabin- you'll want to be up on the top deck so you can see both sides of the boat.

  • The Rhine Enchantment is the only river cruise I have taken. No one stays in their cabins to view scenery. When you are sailing past the castles, you would miss one side view completely if you did.

  • Did the castles on the Rhine become the equivalent of Zebras and Wildebeests in Africa? On the first day of the Africa tour you were so excited to see every single animal. By the end of the Africa tour, after seeing thousands of zebra and wildebeests you’re not nearly excited to see them. When you see the 50th castle on the Rhine do they lose their luster? “Another Castle/Cathedral”, the mantra of most European tours.

  • Yup! Just another zebra! Of course there is a range of castles from sad, little, ruins to large, fancy residences, hotels, and restaurants. Like the Italy ABC tours- another beautiful cathedral (or church). :D

    To expand on what British said, the Rhine is so narrow in places and the banks and castle-topped palisades so high and close, it might be difficult to see some of the castles from your cabin, and if you are in a Cat 1, fugetaboutit! A TD or local guide will often offer commentary of what you are seeing, at least they did on our excursion boat on the Romantic Germany land tour (we sailed from Sankt Goarshausen to Rüdesheim). It helps if you can get a special strip map/castle guide that shows the names, locations and a little info about each castle.

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