Early arrival into AMS & staying at provided hotel.

My husbands & I are traveling on your July 8, 2019 Romantic Rhine Cruise. Our flight arrives into AMS at 8:05AM. We are going in one day early and have a reservation on the night of the 7th at your provided hotel. My question is, upon arrival in AMS so early, and not being able to check into the hotel until mid to late afternoon, what do we do? We will have our luggage with us, so we can’t just sightsee. And, we are probably going to be somewhat tired. Has anyone else found themselves in a similar situation and how did you handle it? Thanks to anyone who replies.


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    jojo1985 wrote:
    My husbands & I are traveling on your July 8, 2019 Romantic Rhine Cruise.
    How many husbands do you have? (sorry, couldn't resist)
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    BKMD. YEs, I saw my mistake and was just now going to correct it, but, alas, you beat me to it! I have only 1 husband and that is all. I won’t ever have another either!
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    When arriving on an early flight, we have often been able to check in early, as early as 9am! Yes, go to the hotel and leave your luggage with the Bellman who will usually secure it in a locked room behind the front desk and give you a receipt. Do some research before you arrive about what is within walking distances of the hotel, stop by the Concierge amd ask for a map, and get a business card with the gotle address on it in case you get lost. You can hail a taxi and show the address to them.
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    Cathyandsteve, thank you for your reply. I know hotels will hold your luggage until your room is ready. I was hoping there might be another solution that would allow us to take a catnap and freshen up before venturing out, like Tauck persuading the hotel to let us in our room that morning! (Just a wish!). I know that is not how it works. But I can see my husband being tired and somwhat grumpy that day until we got to the room. Oh well, he will just have to adjust!
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    British, Thank you so much! I will do that. Would have never thought of getting a card, and then we would have been stuck somewhere! I can wiggle my way through German, but Dutch is quite a bit harder for me!
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    All the Dutch speak very good English, so no worries. We have been to Amsterdam before, but many years ago. We are doing the Rhine Emchantment River Cruise this summer that ends in Amsterdam and staying on a couple of days.

    If by some slim chance the hotel is not full on the day you arrive, it is certainly a chance you will get in a room early, There is nothing Tauck can do to influence a hotel to let you check in early if the previous night”s guests have not left.
    It is tough to go straight out after a long flight without changing. Do your best with those towelettes, maybe some clean underwear in your hand luggage you can change into in the foyer powder Room Or, if the hotel has a pool, you might be able to shower in the changing rooms there.
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    British & cathyandsteve,
    Thank you both again! Good to know that English is common in Amsterdam! Wasn’t sure. And thank you both for all of the great suggestions. I agree that a walk will do us good after a long trip from ATL.
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    Something that we have done is to contact the hotel to request early check-in. It may be possible if they have a room that has been unoccupied since the previous day. It worked for us one out of two times we asked. If available, it may not be free, however. It is worth the shot.
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    Jojo, it sounds like you're on the same inbound flight we had arriving in Amsterdam for our Rhine cruise. I had contacted the hotel by email ahead of time telling them our flight time and asking to be assigned a room that was ready. They replied that they would guarantee availability for some ridiculous price (70 euros???) but I said no thanks just do the best they could. Upon arrival we were given a room that was available (and the couple checking in ahead of us had to wait for theirs). No guarantee but it can't hurt to try.

    In addition to all the other great advise here, a couple of more points.

    Pack your carry on bag so you can easily grab what you need to head out looking for an ATM, see the sights, find some lunch, whatever. I have a small cross-body bag from Pacsaf with anti-theft features that is big enough for passports, money, ATM/credit cards, tissues, etc. As others have said, it really helps with jetleg to get out in the sunshine and walk around.

    You might also consider using the hotels swimming pool/jacuzzi. They are likely to provide robes, towels, changing rooms, etc. Just remember to pack a suit. I find a leisurely soak in a pool a great way to unwind after a long flight.

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