Russian Glories, Baltic Treasures private tours

Can anyone recommend any private tours for this trip. Arriving a day early in Vilnius and remaining a day later in Moscow and would like to see as much as possible while on this trip. Any suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated.


  • Sorry you didn't get an answer. I'm assuming that you have taken your trip by now. This is just a response to get you off the list of unanswered questions.

  • When you went on the Russian Glories, Baltic Treasures tour, did you stay a day longer in Moscow? Was this booked through Tauck, because I have reserved this tour for June 3, 2020, and Tauck says the hotel will not allot any rooms for them so there are no post-tour nights available.

  • Has anyone taken this tour in the month of May? Wondering about the weather. I am looking at May 2021.

  • My wife and I have just signed up for the August 5, 2020 tour. The Moscow post-trip hotel was not available so we are flying into Vilnius a day early. Maybe a better choice. Anybody else on this tour?

  • Billybob75 your plan to arrive in Vilnius is a good idea. It's easy to navigate (walking) and you'll quickly get acclimated to your surrounding. IMO, the Tauck Moscow itinerary is very thorough. At the end of the trip I wasn't wishing for more time in Moscow. I took this trip August 2016. The weather was perfect...a very light jacket was needed in some areas.

  • We are thinking of taking this trip in the future. We would appreciate reviews from those who have or will take the trip. Thank you.

  • It's on my radar for 2021...

  • For those having gone on this trip - how were Americans treated in Russia especially in Moscow?

    BKMD - It seems like we have the same travel interests. Been to the same places and thinking about the same future places.

  • I am scheduled on this tour June 12 small group. I travel extensively. This is my first trip with Tauck and my first with a tour group. I am a little anxious about not being in control. I have tried to get a detailed itinerary, especially for St Petersburg because I want to know what I am going to get to see and would make alternate plans if necessary so as not to miss somethign I want to see. Anyone know how to get this or taken the trip and willing to share?

  • Call Tauck and ask them to be very specific for you. One would hope they would accommodate an experienced but new and future Tauck traveler. We enjoy traveling with Tauck.

  • I have tried that 2 or 3 times. As recently as last week and nothing except, you have an hour free here and there. No times, and nothing about sites you will see on a given day. Glad to hear you are satisfied. I was hoping someone that had been on this tour would have an itinerary they would share that would give me more details. It is difficult to believe Tauck doesn't already have a plan for trips that are starting late May.

  • edited February 2020

    On reflection, I have found the tour directors often switch itineraries around, even changing complete days because of local circumstances, even though you will always see and do everything that you originally book the tour for. If we want to see something very specific, we arrive early and do it. Just an example, if we want to see a particular museum, even if we know Tauck will go there, they won’t devote the time to see the whole thing, so we go ourselves.

  • Like British says, the itinerary can be fluid, both what you visit and see, and when. Due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, traffic, etc., etc. the TD's will adjust as necessary. I've heard there are some companies that adhere to a strict, set in concrete schedule. I think that would be terrible- even though you might be delayed getting to one site until 11:45 you might hear "It is 12:05 and 20 seconds. Time to move on to our next activity."

    Tauck tries to give you a full day and I know a fluid schedule can make it hard to squeeze in extra activities, but with a little creativity it can be done. They are best saved for a free morning, afternoon, or day. We've done it in Florence, had a couple of busy days, but we knew better than to try it in Rome- and we were right! You must accept the risk that adding activities during the tour might not work however, which is why many folks restrict them to before and after the tour.

  • Thanks British & AlanS. I understand. I think I could deal with it a bit better if I could even get some clarity around the free time, but to this point, I haven't been able to get that other than the general "free time this afternoon". Sounds like I will have to just wait and see.

  • Usually have very good guides through Viator, which I have found on Tripadvisor

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