Suggestions for sights to see on early arrival day that are not on our Tauck itinerary

We are arriving a day early in Budapest for our Blue Danube River cruise that begins on September 2. What suggestions do you have for “must sees” in Budapest that are not included in our itinerary? Thanks in advance.


  • It doesn't look like your tour includes Buda hill and there is plenty to see there. The Matthias church, fisherman's bastion for the views, several museums. I also didn't see the Great Market hall. Even if you don't want to buy paprika or souvenirs, etc the architecture is worth it. It was designed by Eiffel (as in the Eiffel tower). Our tour didn't include the Synagogue but we did it on our own and were glad we did. For some none walking fun you can ride the Tram 2 along the Danube and enjoy many landmarks. You might even spot your ship - likely docked near the Great Market.

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    Thanks, Claudia. I will research your suggestions for our free day and add them to our list of places to see.

  • I completely concur with all of Claudia's suggestions. Behind the Great or Dohany Synagogue is the Holocaust Memorial. Its center piece is a metal weeping willow tree. Each of the leaves is inscribed with the name of one of the 600,00 Hungarian Jews killed by the Nazis. It is most impressive and was partially funded by American actor Tony Curtis. For a treat and a little spot to enjoy refreshments, visit the Gerbeaud pastry shop. The pastries are delicious, even if overpriced. The very old building's decor is lovely and worth seeing even if you don't buy a pastry.

  • Thank you fir your recommendations. We will add the synagogue and Holocaust Memorial to our itinerary. They both sound like a must see. And the Gerbeaud Bakery sounds divine.

  • There's also a small museum adjacent to the synagogue. It's part of the same building, but a separate entrance and upstairs. Very worthwhile, in my opinion.

  • Thank you. Adding it to our list.

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