Converter for rechargeable toothbrush?

Hello travelers. Super-excited about our upcoming safari (August 21) and planning to bring an adapter for K & T outlets (Type G). But I'd really like to bring my Oral-B electric toothbrush which will need to be recharged during the 2-week trip. The charger is 110 volt, so I believe I'll need a converter because typical electric current is 240 volt in those countries. Has anyone done this? Any advice? Thanks!


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    We have the very same toothbrushes but learned long ago to leave them at home for any country that uses 220 to 240 vaults.You would indeed need a converter for these and converters are quite heavy, personally we are just not prepared to do all that for our Africa tours. Admittedly we really do miss them but use the free toothbrushes we get from our dentist every six months for our trips. We always go back to the room after breakfast to brush our teeth, so always leave our toothbrushes out and put them in our hand carry on moving days The electric toothbrushes would just be extra weight to carry. Some hotels do have 110 vault outlets in bathrooms that are meant for electric razors and those outlets would be perfectly safe for your toothbrushes. Maybe someone who has recently been on the tour could remember of there are any.

    I note you also mention adapters. You will need a type G for Kenya, 3 square pins as opposed to the round ones for Tanzania which uses a type D with 3 round pins.

    Please also note that the outlets in these countries often have an off/on switch as an extra safety feature. The outlet pictured on this website does not have one. So when you plug something in, be sure the outlet is switched on or it will not charge or work with anything plugged into it.

    I note Claudia replied too. We have not found the battery toothbrushes much good in the past.

  • Oral B makes several models of battery operated toothbrushes anywhere from $5 and up depending on the model. Amazon features quite a few and I found one at Wal-Mart for under $5.

  • Yikes, I just did a big reply and I accidentally erased it.
    We have the same toothbrushes. We never bother taking them because the converter is heavy. Some hotels do have shaver outlets in bathrooms that can safely charge toothbrushes but don’t know about the hotels on this tour,, it’s a while since we took the tour. We take the free toothbrushes we get from our dentist every six months. Admittedly we do miss our electronic brushes. Have tried battery ones in the past not found them much good.
    We always go back to our room and brush our teeth after breakfast, so pack our brushes in our carry on when we move hotels, we would not want the Oral Bs in the hand carry too.
    Adapters. Kenya uses type G, square pin. Tanzania uses type D, round pin. You often find that outlets have an on/off switch too, so be sure that is turned on if there is one or things will not charge or turn on.

  • Since we don't own a converter I wasn't sure what they cost or their weight. All the ones I saw on Amazon were around $40 or more and weigh at least a pound. I love my Sonicare, but wouldn't add the weight of a converter just to use it if there were reasonable alternatives. Plus the chance that I might forget it in a hotel room.

  • Thank you Claudia and British. You made good points about weight so I'm going native vis a vis toothbrushes!

  • LOL Husband has to bring his Water Pik so found a portable battery operated one and it is going in carry on and have extra batteries for it. But using disposable toothbrushes.

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