Excursion Footwear

Are waterproof footwear recommended for the excursions? I know the weather can be quite variable to where some of the excursions would be done when it is raining. Beyond waterproof, what level/type of a walking/hiking shoe is recommended for the excursions? If you have pictures of typical excursion footwear it would be helpful.


  • I think it is prudent to have sturdy, waterproof walking or hiking shoes. In addition to rain possibilities, there are uneven walkways and unpaved, dusty paths.

  • Are strap on grippers like yaktrax needed?

  • No, they are not.

  • Ha ha, no. We wore Merrill’s type waterproof and sueded shoes. We had rain, and on a least one excursion we were walking on beautiful small black pebbles. We were allowed to pick up pebbles. Here’s a picture of my pebbles, I keep them in a dish,they look gorgeous when wet.

  • Thanks for all the comments. We've taken your input, went to REI, and purchased some waterproof walking shoes. The black rocks are pretty, but walking on them could be an adventure.

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