Train trip from Milan to Basel

Is there a lunch included in the train reservation for the trip from Milan to Basel? If lunch is not included, I have to assume there would be food available for purchase. In that case, would we use Euros, Swiss Francs, or credit card?


  • Probably any of the above! :)

  • Do you mean the Rhine Enchantment cruise?

  • Sorry, Yes the Rhine Enchantment cruise.

  • Just took this cruise. A boxed lunch is provided, sandwich etc

  • We've noticed several times that while the itinerary lists the B,L,D codes for meals, that isn't necessarily what happens. Tauck is always more generous than expected. On the Seine Plus London/Versailles cruise the travel day from Paris to London on Eurostar didn't include lunch but we were served a very nice lunch on the train. I had expected we'd need to bring our own lunch (as we did on the train from Paris to Lyon for French Waterways) so was pleasantly surprised not to have to bother.

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    Yup, Tauck won't let you starve. On a number of occasions, Tauck has handed us cash, made other arrangements, etc. when circumstances made it difficult to eat on our own. Most recently, on B,SA,A our flight from Maun to Cape Town, it was a travel day but lunch was "on our own"- Tauck provided box snacks/lunches and we were served a meal on the plane. Dinner in Cape Town was also supposed to be "on our own" but since the flight was delayed and we arrived a bit late to go in search of a place to eat, our TD arranged for us to dine on Tauck's dime at Reuben's, the main restaurant at the One & Only, our hotel. We made out on that deal! :)

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