Evening Attire for Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague tour

For those of you who have been on this tour, I'm just wondering how "dressed up" folks usually get for the evening events, specifically for the welcome reception, the private piano recital, the pre-concert dinner in a historic Viennese palace, and the farewell reception Do the men wear coats and ties to any of these events? Or should my husband not bother with packing a coat, tie, and dress shirt? Is a dressy pant suit fine for ladies to wear to these events?


  • Did this trip 2 years ago. Casual is fine. No tie or coat needed for men. Collared shirt will do the trick. The night of the chamber orchestra concert in Vienna, it was 90F. The palace isn't air conditioned. I asked the TD if it was OK to wear shorts. He said yes, so I did.

  • Took this tour a couple of years ago, no need for coat and tie for the men. My husband wore a nice dress shirt, can’t remember what I wore at these events but I looked decent. This was the tour where one couple wore safari style outfits the entire tour, evenings and all. They were a lovely couple, it didn’t matter to me. There is always an extreme from one end to the other. I always hope to be somewhere in the middle with our clothing choices. I think it was the Palace dinner where our tour director said no need to dress up, it’s only our group. There often isn’t time to change anyway.

  • We're on this tour -- next week!! -- and are going early and staying late, as is our pattern. In Prague we have tickets to the Symphony and the concierge and friends say cocktail-ish is appropriate. So the Mr. will bring a jacket. Generally we go with the 'biz casual' approach with Tauck, but it IS nice to wear something snazzier once in a while, as long as it won't wrinkle and is light.

  • We did the trip a few years ago. Almost everyone dressed up at the opening and closing dinners, but that was it. Most men had jackets (no ties), but a nice shirt works fine. I'd skip the jacket if I was going again.

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