Is there time for the Western Wall tunnel tour?

I'm working on free time itinerary for the Israel/Jordan tour starting Nov 3, 2019. I've been told that the Western Wall tunnel tour shouldn't be missed.

Appears that we arrive in Jerusalem on day 5, Thurs, Nov 7. Can anyone who has done this tour tell me what time you arrived? If you did this tour while in Jerusalem, on which day?

Seems to me that day 5 and day 8 are the only options, as the tours conclude at noon on Fridays and don't run Saturdays (days 6 and 7). Thanks.


  • BKMD - we went on this tour in October 2018. It is a fantastic trip and number 2 on our list of best ever trips. Our TD told everyone the trip included about 39 miles of walking so be prepared. We arrived in Tel Aviv a day early, walked along the beach and the Carmel market, and estimate doing other walks on our own we did about 50 miles total. We did not go on the tunnel tour but we did spend time at the Western Wall as part of our itinerary. As I remember it was a very hectic day and super crowded as you might expect. We spent 4 nights at the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria but there was very little free time. You certainly can bypass a scheduled day or half day of events to do the WW tour on your own if that's what you really want to do. It's your trip and an advantage is being in one hotel for 4 nights - a rarity. While in Jerusalem, one late afternoon we bypassed dinner and the light show to do something on our own and it wasn't a problem for the TD. We just had to let the TD know. If you need to buy tickets ahead of time that's a tough call depending on the cost, reimbursement policies etc.

    While you are working your free time list be sure to include a visit to Jerash, Jordan. It is an outstanding Roman ruin city. While staying at the fabulous resort in Jordan on the Dead Sea, travelers are given the option of staying at the Dead Sea Resort and Spa or visiting Jerash a 90 minute trip away. By this time many are exhausted and chose to stay behind, swim, rest and get spa treatments. Note: if you want to get spa treatments book it very early even before leaving home as they book up quickly. Some were out of luck since they were totally booked. In our group of 38, 7 decided to go to Jerash. Five men and two gals. Those staying behind had a great respite but those going saw something unbelievable. Check it out on the web. Glad to help with any other questions.

  • We did the trip earlier this year and our group didn't arrive in Jerusalem till late afternoon/early evening. Many of us did go out that night, tagging along with the TD (on his free time) to the Church of the Sepulchre (when lines were shorter), and then for a light dinner at a good falafel place.

    We did not visit the tunnel, but there was ample free time to explore Jerusalem sites not included in the tour. We found Old Town (and the neighborhoods outside the Old Town gates) very safe and easy to maneuver by foot.

  • Thanks. I don't know if all tours start the same day of the week, but 2 of our 4 days in Jerusalem are Friday and Saturday, so lots of Jewish sites are closed Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I'm currently out of the country and when I return will call Tauck to see if I can get more details .

  • To provide some follow-up... Just got off the phone with Tauck. Looks like this isn't going to work on my particular tour because, as I mentioned above, 2 of our 4 days in Jerusalem fall on Fri/Sat when lots of things are closed, including the tunnel tour (open Fri morning only, then closed).

    I just got back from a leisurely cruise and while on the ship, I planned out the trip's free time. Just got the green book in the mail and see that lots of things are shifted around to different days, meals listed as not included online ARE included per the green book, etc. Moral of the story is wait for the green book before planning outside activities.

  • BKMD, We just booked this tour for 2021 so would love it if you would post a review here when you get back.
    One of our past tour directors told us he often led the Israel and Jordan tour and how great it was, that was what piqued our future interest and as we have no interest in visiting Egypt, it sounded perfect.
    Our upcoming tour is China Hong Kong which we cannot get too enthusiastic about in case it gets canceled. Mr B has been wanting to take me to HK forever since he used to travel there for work when our children were young, he would call me and tell me all about it, the great hotel and meals and I’m at home with two young children and we were missing him like crazy.

  • British - this trip was spectacular! I did a 110 page Shutterfly album off of 2,300 pictures. I certainly can share it with you via email if you are interested.

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