TD gratuity inflation?

Just got the green book for my next trip and noted that the recommended tip is $10. IIRC, it was $8/day on my last trip 6 months ago. Does the recommendation vary by itinerary?


  • I dispute that, it has been $10 for several years now.

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    I can't pinpoint exactly when it changed because I don't know if it ever changes mid-season or when the the green is printed, but going back through my green books and obviously looking at land tours only- here what I show:

    Tour date- gratuity p/p/d:
    Jul '13- $8
    Jun '14- $8
    Sep '14- $8
    Jun '15- $8
    May '16- $8
    Jul '16- $8
    Mar '17- Small ship (P&G)
    Aug '17- $8
    Apr '18- River cruise
    May '19- $10

    British, maybe you are remembering what you "paid" vs the "suggested" amount?

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    No Alan, I’ve definitely paid the $10 that I have seen written down for a few trips now, I even looked for some of my previous posts on this and found me commenting about the $10. Maybe some of the trips I did started it before others, or maybe Tauck did not update that part of the green book that has happened a few times. Last year for one tour, they sent everyone the green book details for the previous year and we all ended up being sent a sheaf of papers for the tour instead..

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    Well, all I can say is my numbers were taken right from the actual green books (I saved them all), not my memory. You can subtract 2-3 months from the tour date for date of green book and possibly as much as 6 additional months for the start of that season, but that still only puts you back to late Winter 2018 for the increase. Then again it could be your memory, you take so many trips you might just be losing track! :D

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    I have a few green books saved. Guess I should have looked there first. My past trip (Xmas 2018) was $10. Two trips in 2017, one $8 one $10. No need to argue about petty details. My most recent trip was with another company, so maybe that's what I was thinking... BTW, the place I get my hair cut raised their prices recently :)

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    So sometime between 2017 and 2018?

    I guess it depends on what is meant by "several." Online definitions, "more than two but not many." "Two is a 'couple' and more than two or three is several." Let's see, 2019 - 2017 = 2 unless we count partial years. Sep '19 - Aug '17 = 2yr, 1 mo. Hmmmm? :So, "several years" is technically correct. :smiley::D

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    I’ve been trying t think very carefully when my last land tour was with Tauck because my last three have been small ship or river cruises. Maybe it was February 2018 and that was definitely $10 a day. I remember thinking at the time when I first noticed a change that I felt bad that I may not have noticed for a while the change.
    Alan, this is what the forum is for, discussion. You post such excellent detailed stuff. I could well be loosing track, and not remember in which order I have been places with Tauck, one twelve month period we did 6 trips with Tauck.
    Forget the haircut, doesn’t each Tauck tour go up about $500 every year!

  • I think they have gone up more than that for several years. :)

  • I went back to my green books for our 2 land tours:
    2017 England Scotland Wales and it was $8
    2018 Best of Ireland it was $10

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