Egypt: Jewels of the Nile



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    Alan: We boarded the Zahra at noon and visited the VOQ and VOK in the afternoon and evening. . . . .

    Thanks again!

    How was the Zahra? That is the boat we are on for J&E

    I know some folks like to be totally surprised and things can and will likely will change, but as you have probably figured out, I like to have a good idea of what to expect so I can pace myself, manage my expectations, and investigate and plan extra activities where possible. This approach has worked well for us in the past, but it wouldn't be so without the help of people like you! :)

    We always remember it is a tour, not a vacation! :D

    Since it should be significantly warmer at the end of March when we go, I plan to wear my safari clothes when touring Petra and most sites in Egypt, so I can roll up my sleeves and zip off my lower pant legs if needed. It will be much warmer than when we arrive in Yellowstone tomorrow! Yellowstone has been experiencing high temps in the teens to low 20's and sub-zero to the single digit lows!!!! :o:o Today Yellowstone is under a "Major Winter Storm Warning." They are expecting over 12" of snow with winds gusting up to 30 mph- who knows what kind of wind chill will result?!?!?

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    The Zahra is beautiful and the cabins are comfortable. There’s a spacious deck up top with a pool and bar. Meals are served on the lower deck and they’re from the daily menu which changes every day...four courses...starter, soup, main and dessert. There’s also a small buffet option in the morning. We had some folks not traveling with Tauck sailing with us, too.

    Keep in mind that shoulders and knees must be covered in temples, and a few require long pants. We saw one young Western woman at Karnak who had on a low-cut top—no big deal for the States—but men were quite upset around her. Women do not have to cover their heads.

    I live in Florida in the winter and now avoid the Chicago winters like the plague!😂

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    My son-in-law is a US diplomat and my daughter and their kids lived overseas with him during all but his assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan. During their tours in Libya and Kuwait, though appropriately and modestly dressed, she is a blond, so often received stares, cat calls and crude remarks from the local men. A friend reported similar behavior while touring Luxor.

    It was 80° here in NC on our (southern exposure) porch this afternoon!!! We get to Yellowstone on the 4th: Brrrrr!!

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    edited February 2020

    Hi ChicagoTravelers, (Judy) :) Thank you so much! Awesome info.

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    Today we were supposed to be on a 5 PM flight out of Dulles bound for Europe and then Cairo. Yet here we sit looking at Alan's interesting weather forecasts!

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    I’m looking out of my window right new, it’s raining very hard, there’s so much water in the little stream at the back of my yard, I could throw a few Egyptian like pieces of stuff in there, put you on a little row boat, you can shut your eyes and imagine you are on the Nile!

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    it’s raining very hard

    All except that part about raining very hard. Doesn't often do that there (Cairo).

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