What to see in Amman

Has anyone visited places in Amman that aren't on the Taulk tour? We book 1 extra day and would like to get input on nice places to visit.


  • I'm not sure which tour you are on, but if it is the one which does not include Mt. Nebo and Madaba, I would highly recommend a tour to those sights. They are probably about an hour away from Amman, depending on where you are staying. Book a half day tour there. I found Mt. Nebo to be one of the most moving of the religious sites we visited.

  • Interesting comment. I found Mt Nebo to be an "eh" compared with everything else seen. There is an upscale mall across the street from the hotel. that's all I can add.

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    We arrived at the Amman hotel in the afternoon. Most folks were pretty exhausted by then and ready to have a nice dinner, pack, and head home very early the next morning. But as BKMD stated there is an upscale outdoor mall right across from the hotel. We wandered around it for awhile and that was it. What I found very interesting but grateful for was that we had to go through security at the mall entrance. I do not think any of our tour group stayed an extra day.

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