JUNE 12TH, 2021 - arrival ----Yosemite & Sequoia John Muir Calf - ANYONE???????

Anyone on this segment of Yosemite? 81 days and counting till we leave. We are from Charlotte, NC. Anyone on this tour? jo


  • We will just be returning on June 12th.

  • Would love to hear what ur favorite parts are. Did you see anything about the Yosemite trips on line. I saw all other trips.

  • This was on TAUCK website today

  • Does this also mean anyone that didn’t get COVID 19 vaccine has to go into California early to self quarantine? Also if one person that didn’t get vaccinated gets sick on trip with covid, mean tour gets terminated for everyone on that same tour? So everyone else that was vaccinated now has to cut trip short? Could not find this info anywhere on their website!

  • Please explain why asking this information I got flagged?

  • Anyone been to comment on luggage requirements? I’m guessing the usual 50 Lb or less suitcase with a carryon as well as one personal item?

  • Luggage answered in your other thread.

    Flagging, who knows. Don't sweat it.

    A word to the wise - relax. I'm sure you're super excited to travel and anxious about details - we all are. Remember, people here who participate in the forum are doing it for free taking time out of their day to help.

  • The Phantom Flagger is back at it - and is being disagreeable

  • i don't get it? why would anyone flag is disagreement with no nothing comments????

  • JoWeber - In another thread I posted the following with respect to the Phantom Flagger.

    The following is a copy and repost from another thread.

    Cathy - I've submitted a question/comment to Tauck, through the Contact Us interface, asking that they update their, Tauck Travel Forum Rules and Guidelines, to include the definitions and proper usage of each of the 5 flags (Flag, Disagree, Agree, Like, LOL). Right now it seems like there is a wide belief that the 'Flag' flag is being misused. If Tauck provides any sort of response I will post it to the Forum, unless of course they provide an update to their Task Travel Forum Rules and Guidelines.

    Here is what I believe the 'Flag' flag should be used for, but if people have differing opinions I'd love to hear what they are. Here is my definition:

    Flag - Used to indicate that you believe the associated comment posted was being used for one of several inappropriate purposes such as - advertising, abuse/bullying, political opinions, etc.

    If you disagree with a post/comment that doesn't fall within a 'Flag' category as defined above, then you should use the Disagree flag. There is nothing stronger than Disagree. 'Flag' shouldn't be used simply because you strongly disagree. Disagree is as strong of a dissent as you can post.

  • Sam I wondered too about flagging vs disagree. If you flag you're anonymous. If you disagree then you're name can be revealed to the original poster. My opinion, if you disagree, have the courage of your convictions and don't hide behind anonymous.

  • Claudia - Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when hovering over a Disagree or Flag, they are both anonymous. Hoving over the Agree, Like and LOL does show who clicked there.

  • Yep, you're right bkmd. I had it wrong.

  • Still no reply from Tauck on my question about the proper use of the 'Flag' flag. I will post if I ever get a response.

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