Reviews are back!

I’ve just been researching to book a tour and noticed on that one that reviews are back! Not had time to check any others. Now, whether the reviews are of any help? On the tour I looked at, some loved it, some hated it and for the opposite reasons.


  • The reviews I saw last week did not have dates like the old web site. Memory serves {and it is not as good} the first review listed was the most current and not the oldest.

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    Hi British and wildcat03,

    The Reviews are indeed back! Wildcat03, you are correct, the first review is the most current. I will share with the team here in regards to adding dates to the reviews.

    Tauck Emily

  • In addition to the date of the review, the reviews used to have a 1-5 star rating. Is that feature going to return?

  • Hi Smiling Sam,

    Let me check on that and I find out for you.

    Tauck Emily

  • Where do we find reviews?

  • I found them at the bottom of the tour description page. You have too scroll last all the itinerary, hotel, map, general information, etc. for the specific tour you're interested in. It loaded two then you could hit a button for two more etc.

  • Thanks, Claudia.

  • Is the method for posting a review the same as it was in the past?

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    Sooo, now that some reviews are posted, like a few others have noted there are no dates- we really need date of travel and possibly a few other details, e.g. regular or small group, etc. In the past every traveler didn't complete (few completed?) an online review, so it is totally possible that a year old (or older) review could be the most current. It is also possible that an old review might be less useful because of tour changes- different itinerary, hotels, transportation, etc, etc. that often occur as tours, especially new ones. evolve and are tweaked by Tauck.

    I couldn't find how/where to post a new review. Anyone see where?

    Also, will the review posting process be similar to the past where you would receive an invitation from Tauck to review a just-completed trip and have a limited window of time after the tour to do so?

    Will reviews be reviewed by Tauck before they are posted? If not, a line like forum posts have where readers can Flag · Disagree Agree Like even Share on Facebook should be added. If not reviewed by an Admin first, I think it very important to include flag, because there is potential for abuse (SPAM and personal attacks on fellow travelers and TD, etc.), e.g. naming and unfairly attacking a TD. I saw this at least once on the old reviews. I alerted Tauck and they removed the offending post.

    Inquiring minds want to know. :D

  • Hi Smiling Sam and AlanS,

    There currently isn't a method to submit reviews online, but it is in the works! Since many people were looking for tour reviews, we decided to put those up first while we work on the submission process. I unfortunately do not have complete details on what the new process will be, but it won't be drastically different from our previous process.

    Tauck Kristen

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks. Any ETA for its availability?

  • Hi Smiling Sam,

    A release date hasn't been announced yet, so I unfortunately cannot provide an ETA at this time.

    -Tauck Kristen

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