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edited February 2020 in Kenya & Tanzania

I just finished the Tanzania and Kenya Safari - and have 3 womens size 10 safari pants (one insect treated by Graghopper - the other 2 from REI) and 4 medium long sleeve shirts by Graghoppers that are insect treated plus 2 sleeveless shirts that are from Columbia that I didn't end up wearing and 2 long sleeve by Columbia that I didn't wear (not bug treated). If interested, I would sell the whole lot for $150 plus shipping. I've also got a buff that I'll throw in if you need it.


  • Wow, what a deal! Too bad I'm not a woman. Are you sure you won't be going back- Zambia, SA, Botswana, or SA Elegant Adventure?

  • Hello Kimsadventure - I am interested in the clothing. We are scheduled to go on K&T Classic Safari on July 1. Curious, why you did not use the clothing. Did you take too many or is "safari type" clothing not really necessary? I have already purchased a few items with neutral colors for our trip. Could you send me an email with more details and photos of the clothing? b o b a l i n k c r u i s e s @ gmail dot com (No spaces) Thank you!

  • We use our Safari type clothing on so many of the exotic tours, such as Patagonia, Galapagos, six Africa tours, about four Costa Rica tours, some days of the Australia and New Zealand tours and so and so on.

  • I agree. We use our ‘safari’ clothes frequently on trips ... any place that is hot and sunny. That includes Spain and Portugal in July.

  • I don't limit their use to travel. In cooler times of the year (Tucson cool) I use them for walking in the local National forest.

  • Actually, at home I sometimes use them for golf.

  • Bobbette..I wore all of them except the two columbia post reads a little weird. The two columbia shirts are brand new. The others I wore once or twice and had them laundered on tour. I just bought too much really...I ended up wearing the bug treated ones mostly because in February there were kind of a lot of mosquitos. I'm just a mosquito magnet. I can send you some photos if you'd like to your email.

  • I'm sure i won't need them again...khaki and tan are just not my colors. ha. I'm such a girly girl.

  • Hi Kim,
    THANKS so much for the email and photos, I appreciate your efforts!

    We are currently in a "wait and see" mode, as we watch how the coronavirus impacts international travel. 

    Yesterday KLM announced their policy on "No change fees for all flights." Today, Tauck announced a Travel Policy Update. Both of these announcements will provide a favorable outcome if we need to cancel our trip and we won't lose any money!

    I will contact you again if we are able to keep our travel plans, and if the clothing is still available, I would be interested. In the meantime, if someone else expresses interest in purchasing the clothes, go for it!

    BTW, I am a girly girl, too. I would only wear neutral colors and those clothes on a safari.  THANK YOU!

  • @bobbette Is there a link somewhere showing the Travel Policy Update? Thank you!

  • CaraBethP

    @bobbette Is there a link somewhere showing the Travel Policy Update? Thank you!

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