Have you ever kept traveling through times of uncertainty?

On a rival travel website, the moderator has posed this question to lighten things up from the Corona virus. Would anyone like to start this discussion? I’ll probably add mine later.


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    Well, let's see, yup. Sailing on a big gray boat courtesy of Uncle Sam stopping at or sailing by areas where there were threats of war, disease, pestilence, you name it. As a volunteer of sorts (career), I guess I had a choice. :D

  • Depends on what it is. I was on a business trip the morning of 9/11 a thousand miles from home with a few other colleagues. We ended up stuck since airliners quit flying for a few days and then the hotel kicked us out as the rooms had been reserved so we rented a car and drove back. Did it in 27 hrs nonstop.

  • Yes. My daughter and I flew to LA shortly after 9/11 for taping of Jeopardy!
    I still have the nail clipper that LAX TSA broke off the attached 1 1/2 inch long nail file, as it was a weapon. Funny how PHL TSA didn't think so on the way out there.

  • Our daughter was attending a semester at Oxford during the subway bombing. She saw it as an opportunity to see theater that she ordinarily couldn't afford. She and another girl went into London each night, scored cheap tickets and saw every show.

  • In Jamaica once, when a hurricane hit. The entire hotel had to sleep in the ballroom on mattresses. The next day when we left the airport still didn’t have their computers working. They had to check everyone in by hand. Quite the adventure.

  • Our recent trip to Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand was preceded by 4 night stay in Seoul from 2/19 thru 2/23.On our way to the hotel my cell phone had loud alerts and they were in Korean.Later I learnt that the alerts were from the S Korean govt about the first 29 cases in Daegu.We entered the hotel and were given masks; temp was checked and were told the restaurants were closed except for breakfast; in room dining was open!What a way to start our vacation!By the time we left on 23rd morning, we were glad to leave S.Korea but were wondering if we would be able to enter Vietnam and participate in the tour.But luckily we were able to!While the under current of COVID 19 situation was present although the tour, we benefitted from no crowds, no lines everywhere. We arrived in Detroit and basically walked thru without any questions asked.The next day the situation here started to unravel with social distancing and closing of businesses etc.Ironically,we are now afraid to go out here!

  • Let's see. I was in Tokyo on 9/11 and woke up to the bad news. I was stuck there for a few days. I was also in Hong Kong preparing to head to Beijing a couple of days before the strife in Tienanmen Square occurred. The US State Dept warned us off. So we just went up to Tokyo for a few days before heading home to the US. I recall that I also went through a few typhoons in Hong Kong and Tokyo; and a good sized earthquake in Japan the day before I arrived that altered my internal Japan travel plans. So my advice - learn to be flexible and stay safe.

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