"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Round #5

Previous winners:

Round #1 won by MCD and cvc

Submitted by AlanS. Photo of the Round Tower at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, UK. First photo shows Union Jack, second is the Royal Standard, indicating the Queen is on-site. Third photo is the chapel at Eton College, where Prince Harry and Prince William attended high school.

Round #2 (A) won by Smiling Sam

Submitted by JohnS. Photo of tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun in Delhi, India. The tomb was commissioned by his first wife and chief consort, Empress Bega Begum in 1569-70.

Round #2 (B) won by BKMD and travel maven

Submitted by Smiling Sam. Photo of the what is variously termed the Royal Barge or Gangaur boat, a sort of water taxi, that was used to transport James Bond across man-made (1362) Lake Pichola to the "Floating Palace" or “Taj Lake Palace,” in Udaipur City, Rajasthan, India in the 1983 movie “Octopussy” starring Roger Moore and produced by Robert Broccoli (no proven connection to the vegetable.)

(Unofficial) Round #3 won by travel maven

Submitted by BKMD. Photo of the Dohány Street Synagogue located in Budapest, Hungary. Benefactors- Tony Curtis and Helena Rubenstein.

Round #4 won by Smiling Sam

Submitted by travel maven. It is the Chapel on Klimsenhorn, Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland, just outside Lucerne with nearby (Celtic?) cross. Once visited by Richard Wagner and Queen Victoria.

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Time for some fresh blood. Round #5 is now open for a submission- submit as a reply to this thread. Ready, Set, Go!!


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    "Unoffical" Alan - you're cruel! :(

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    What monument is this? What city is it in? What does it commemorate?

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    Lions Monument in Lucerne Switzerland commemorating the Swiss guards killed in the French Revolution.

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    Too easy.

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    OK, I'll have #6 ready in a bit. Well we now know who is the most bored of all of us! :D

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    I’ll accept your comment since I challenged your manhood about swimming in the Dead Sea. 😎

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    We can't do much about planning future trips and I'm sick of the endless discussions of refunds, vouchers, and " will I be able to go to _____ in ______" since none of us have a clue.

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    edited April 2020

    Claudia Sails

    We can't do much about planning future trips and I'm sick of the endless discussions of refunds, vouchers, and " will I be able to go to _____ in ______" since none of us have a clue.

    I know what you mean. But, I still plan and hope for the best. Tauck just posted prices for 2021 Treasures of the Aegean which we booked. awhile back. Now I'm looking at flights. We fly Delta and my preliminary research revealed their only flight leaves before the ship docks, so we will need to do a post-stay. Since we need to do that, now I have a choice of arranging an excursion to Delphi on the front end, the day of the Welcome Dinner, or the day the ship pulls in at the end of the tour. So, I'm weighing the options. If we go on the front end, we would need to be back in Athens with plenty of time for the ladies to get ready for the 6:00 pm Welcome Dinner. Piraeus, where our ship docks, is just as good a place to get picked up by local tour companies, since they do a lot of business with passengers on the large cruise ship that also dock there. We would have no restriction on when we must be back, however. It is not a done deal and needs more investigation. I also need to research tour providers.

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