• I was reading about the reaction of the airlines, in this case Delta. While much will eventually get back to normal, now, the few who are still fly are getting boxed (cold?) meals (1st/bus), if anything at all (coach, etc.). Skyclubs have closed or drastically cut service. No showers, little food and drink, etc., etc.

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    Have you seen the proposed airplane seating changes with alternating front and rear facing seats with plexiglas partitions surrounding each seat on three sides? Google ‘proposed airline seats’ to see the pictures.

  • Marginally effective at best! :/

  • Lots of stores are using the plexiglass - Costco, CVS, ...

  • Jersey Mike's :D

  • Just got an email from Chase Travel that United has extended their current cancellation policy through the 12/31/2020.

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