United just cancelled my flights for Sept 2020 ESW flights



  • Wow CVC, I never read all of that, Tauck insurance Coverage would not be sufficient I’m sure. I don’t have access to a copy right now, I’m recovering from food shopping at Costco, but I was reading about insurances of the various travel companies recently and apparently Tauck only has a coverage of $50,000 for illness if I remember correctly. So I hope they will up that amount. We have annual coverage for emergency evacuation, but I don’t know whether that would cover Covid. So in essence, we could be traveling with someone on the tour who is asymptotic, or felt feverish so took two Tylenol a half hour before they knew they were going to have their temperature checked, they then travel with others for two weeks and during that time pass it on to someone who Rapidly becomes ill, (as we still don’t know the incubation period and it possibly varies depending on the virus load you get hit with from the infected person) and is found or have a temperature, is whisked off for medical care and ends up going bankrupt for medical bills if they manage to live. Hmm, should check out the small print before another tour.

  • Most private health insurers (including Medicare Advantage plans) cover you internationally. Traditional Medicare only covers you in the US.

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    The update also says Tauck employees and guests will need to sign a "Tauck Travel Well Pledge." Most of it is what you would expect, but the last sentence says "I understand that if I, or any member of my traveling party, become ill on tour, that all related expenses are my responsibility." I am wondering if this would just apply to guests not purchasing Tauck's insurance or if COVID-related illnesses will be excluded from coverage.

    That is significant and sure begs a knowledgeable answer!

  • Expecting to hear for them soon on our Sep trip. Will be asking the question.

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    BKMD -- I believe that a "Plan F" Medicare Part B (which, of course, is purchased) covers foreign travel. Thank God I've never had to use it.

  • MCD - That I don't know. I do know Plan F is no longer open to new enrollees as of 2020 (but renewals may continue). Medicare is eliminating the secondaries that cover the Part B deductible.

  • Wow! I did not know that. Thank you.

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