Future Travel Plans Survey email

I just received an email from Tauck to complete a Future Travel Plans Survey. The survey was fairly in depth about what our expectations were for travel in the future with Tauck. Just an heads up to keep an eye on you email inbox for this survey if you have traveled with Tauck before.


  • I wonder if everyone will get one or just a percentage of their guests. Thanks for letting us know.

  • I didn't get one.

  • I got my email about 10:30 West Coast time this morning. My wife also got a separate email about 15 minutes later. The embedded meta data in the email was specific to my email address so the survey would not be available to everyone. I am assuming that one would have to have been on a previous Tauck trip to get the mail. We have been on 5 Tauck trips whether that makes any difference. Here is the body of the email (not the survey).

  • I didn't get one, either. Maybe they know that I have future plans to travel with them (even though I expect the tour to be cancelled).

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    We have done seven Tauck trips and have three more booked ... no survey. I was thinking about the future plans a bit. Someone said they were not booking any more future trips until than can see .... whatever. I think the people here are at the heart of the travel industry. If we stop ‘booking’, your favorite hotel, your favorite airline, your favorite restaurants, your favorite tour company ... may not continue to exist. I have booked three new trips and air travel for eight since the corona virus thing started. If we stop participating, we will fail. I’ve even thought about a new car. I don’t need a new car. I’ve got a ‘vintage’ Highlander that I love. This economy is going to need a ‘kick in the ass’. Those of us that can swing a good foot should do it.

  • I got the survey yesterday. I have completed about 25 trips with Tauck and have another planned for September (probably will be canceled). I would like nothing more than to get a catalog for 2021 and get several trips booked, assuming I can get transportation. I was clear in my survey responses I am ready to go when they are! I am ready to assume a reasonable amount of risk to get back to a "normal" life including travel.

  • I have four tours booked, one not with Tauck. I think that is enough to support the travel Industry in 2021. I wasn’t planning on booking any more until 2022. I’d like to get a survey since I’ve traveled with Tauck since 2003.

  • Haven't gotten the survey and the only trip booked will likely be moved to 2021. Have considered more travel but just haven't made up our minds where or when. Too many unknowns to decide this point.

  • We have not received the survey and have two trips booked with Tauck. One in late December 2020 and one in mid-June 2021. We'll also be booking a Bridges trip very soon for 2021. We take the insurance and Tauck has been more than reasonable with the trips they have cancelled. Be safe and stay well.

  • I am wondering if there may be some correlation between having a recent cancellation and getting the survey? We were scheduled for an Italy trip from the end of April into early May. Right now we are in a holding pattern for booking any future trips.

  • I have not received a survey. We have a K&T tour scheduled for August, which I presume will be canceled. We have 2 tours booked for 2021, and would like to re-schedule K&T as well. The 2021 tours, although booked with deposits and insurance, are just wait and see for now.

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    We haven't received anything and we had one cancelled and have four in the queue (a re-book, 2 new, and a backup).

  • I suspect they just did a small random sample of customers.

  • Which is why I guess things like chosing from different things to do started on the ship and river tours and why less meals are included because some want to chose where to eat. And why we stay in over the top hotels which put the price of the tours up and yet we are never in those hotels long enough to enjoy any of their extra facilities, none would have been my choice and I have never been asked even though I’ve traveled with Tauck for at least seventeen years.

  • Adding my two cents. I've taken 13 Tauck tours (8 land and 5 river cruises) with a sixth river cruise booked for December 2020. I've been travelling with them since 1993 and didn't receive a survey. My most recent tour was a river cruise last October.

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