Sad news to pass along.

I have some really sad news to pass along. Virtual friend and long-time, highly respected, forum regular, Joyce Welch ("joycesw" on the forums) passed away on 5 May from metastatic melanoma. Joyce and her husband Ed had traveled with Tauck nearly 20 times and she was a valued member of the forums, always free with reviews, suggestions, and information. We corresponded regularly in recent years about our shared and upcoming trips, especially after she and Ed returned from Jordan & Egypt (with A&K) last September. I don't know if her email account is being monitored, but if anyone would like to pass along condolences to her family, here is a link to her obituary . She will be missed.


  • Alan,

    Thanks for this post. I didn't know Joyce, but we lived in the Bay Area for a number of years before moving to Tucson so we recognized her employer and several things in her obituary. Always sad to lose one of the "Tauck Family".

  • Alan, thank you so much for sharing this very sad news, I was thinking about Joyce recently and wondered why we never saw any of her valuable posts these days. It’s good to know that she was able to travel up until the last year of her life.

  • Thanks for letting us know, Alan. Joyce gave me good advice over the years.

  • Joyce was a gem when it came to advice. Her voice on the Forum will be missed.

  • Such sad news...Joyce was so generous with her travel insights and recommendations. Her notes were always filled with humor and warmth. We spoke a number of times and was so appreciative of her kindness. She will be missed.

  • So sad to hear ... She was such a graceful lady and a delight to talk too. I remember her reviews always were so positive and informative, a great loss for all... I hope her husband is doing well. She will be missed.

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