New issue of Compass just arrived

An email with the latest Compass arrived in my inbox with time stamp of 4:19 pm ET, 5/20/2020.


  • Are you able to send a link Alan?

  • Thank you so much ALAN, I’m going to have to figure out how to get this! The first thing I saw was an interview with legendary TD Don Dunkle who was a last minute substitute guide on our first time in Costa Rica years ago, he’s wonderful!

  • British: I got my first email with "Compass" today after sending an email request to Tauck Tim at "[email protected]." Took about two days for hook up. Hope this works for you. Hope all is well in your home. California is finally loosening some restrictions.

  • Thanks Sally! I sent an email but just to the regular address, I’ll email Tim!
    We are well but still in lockdown in this area of PA. The earliest date it may change is June 4th. It is remaining far colder than usual here and the holiday weekend is not looking good.
    When I went out for food supplies yesterday, I stumbled upon some hand Sanitizer gel in the Supermarket. It’s the first I have seen since we bought it for our last tour. We only use it when we go out but had run very low. It’s funny to think I got go,e and was so excited about finding it. How life has changed! Best wishes!

  • I’ve just had a reply from support and I am added to the list.

  • I did the same thing. Thanks Smarks50 for the email suggestion. I got almost an immediate response (non-counting the automated one). Now of course they said they'd add me, but I haven't see any resultant emails of Compass, etc. so I'll just have to wait and see.

  • A new Compass was sent out by email this afternoon. If you did not receive that you should contact Tauck Tim again to find out what is wrong with your registration. Looks like they are sending this out every week or so.

  • I sent a question to Tauck to have them research why I didn't receive a copy.

  • Here's the direct link to the content if like me you aren't receivers emails.

  • I'm not sure which of the Compass discussions folks are following, so I'm posting this in all of them. I received only the initial email announcing that it was going to be emailed weekly and then never got another thing. After seeing the comments here, and having no luck when I checked the various options on my account about journeys I would be interested in, I sent a message to [email protected] on May 23 and received a response from Nick on May 26 which said "I’m sorry for a mix-up with the newsletter mailings. I’ll reach out to our marketing department and make sure you receive all appropriate newsletter mailings."

    I received an issue of Compass on May 27. Hope this helps.

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