November travel

Scheduled for this trip early November. Honestly I don’t see how international travel can happen this year. Currently I don’t feel comfortable but waiting to hear what Tauck does.


  • You likely won't hear anything from Tauck until around the first part of September. I have a trip to Egypt scheduled for October. I don't expect to hear until early August.

  • A few weeks ago, I was worried about how difficult it might be for us to get a refund for our flight when our October tour was eventually canceled since we booked it independently of Tauck. But it’s the other way round now, the flights got canceled, we got our money back no problem and now we have to wait for the tour to be canceled. Now I’m thinking, what if they don’t cancel the tour.....but that’s crazy, the next surge of the virus will probably be happening by then. If I still can’t get a haircut, surely I won’t be able to travel to the other side of the world to travel. Never mind, my time is being filled.....went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and stood in line for ever just to get in the store.....who would have thunk! And now I’ve found another big project at home I’ve started, lots of heavy digging, renovating outdoor furniture and then swimming in the lovely weather that has finally arrived in our area, I’m happy as a clam, well I think I travel, no theatre, no movies and haven’t hugged my kids and grandkids in three months. Maybe I’m not really happy.

  • British, my wife and I are in a similar situation as your's. October trip scheduled for Classic Italy with a couple of personal side tours. American has cancelled the nonstop flights to and from Philadelphia, so if the tour went ahead, I have no idea on how to arrive and depart. I wish Tauck would go ahead and cancel, so we could start to deal with the side trips and rebook for next year.

  • British - You're swimming. Perhaps another project would be for you to turn into a savvy business woman and film some swimming pool commercials at home and send them to Ponant. I'm sure they would be happily received. :D

  • I think they are doing their best, there must be thousands of customer to call, but I know how you feel. I should be on a Tauck tour right now. So you live near Philly like me!

  • Live in Havertown. Spend most of the summer months in a small place in Avalon.

  • Bob, I guess you have to have been born in this area to understand the appeal of the Jersey shore, we just don’t get it. We’ve been to Cape May and Atlantic city but there is no green anywhere, but then we are not beach people and we are very fair skinned. I hear the shore has been packed recently despite the fact we are supposed to stay home. The young people in our area are constantly gathering in large groups, no social distancing, no masks. And then we will be wondering why other countries will not allow American visitors going forward because we have so many cases.

  • British, I grew up with summers at the seashore, worked for eight summers in HS, college and grad school and bought a place in Avalon in 1978. I love reading history books on the beach, swimming in the ocean and taking advantage of the seashore cool breezes. Actually, the crowds haven't been bad so far. The restaurants and bars are closed except for take out, so it looks to be a quiet affair this summer. On another topic, I am the Judge of Elections in a large precinct in Havertown, and the primary election last Tuesday was nuts, as far as maintaining social distancing. I dread managing the general election.

  • To all you readers, have gotten off the travel topic. Sorry about that.

  • BobHamburger - I grew up in NJ. Sent you direct email above right on Forum.

  • Another Joisey Boy? (Morris Plains, Holmdel, summers on the beach in Sea Bright)

  • Things are different this year, Alan. Happy hours are at home rather than one of the favorite hangouts.

  • Tauck has just updated their COVID policy on the Tauck home page, effective June 9th.

  • As noted on the board earlier, all August trips cancelled, but they changed the policy slightly on trips beyond that. Original due dates were 60 days before the tour, then lowered to 30 days when the pandemic hit. It is now 45 days.

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