New final payment details

We have just received by email the new 45 days final payment amendments with a clear statement that Dreamsaver funds are not refundable. and must be redeemed by the end of 2021. That’s a lot of money Lost for us if our three tours next year are cancelled by Tauck. Does anyone think they will extend that date if no tours go next year. One reason we were already reluctant to book more tours. They should have Phone recordings where their agent told us as long as we booked a tour for 2022 before the end of July 2021 I think it was, but I have notes, the Dreamsaver could be used. Let’s hope we don’t have to talk about that.
Looks as If Second Wave is already starting to occur.


  • British - With respect to the Second Wave, where I live (Pima County, Arizona) we're one of the largest (although Phoenix - Maricopa County beats us out) Second Wave sights. Our Governor's stated position is that we need to learn to deal with it, it will be here for quite a while. He suggests that we follow the CDC guidelines, but he plans no further government actions - like further closings, requiring masks, etc.

  • What we need is what is happening in Peru- Peruvian peasant militias are taking matters into their own hands by whipping people who disobey quarantine. A serious crime would earn about 15 lashes.” :s

    It must also be noted, however, that Peru has reported 229,736 coronavirus cases to date, one of the highest tallies worldwide and second only to Brazil in Latin America.

  • Cases continue to increase in Florida where up to now it was pretty tame. It's almost like people have amnesia and forgotten about the virus, no masks no social distancing, very disturbing.

  • Here in Illinois, where our governor has taken a very conservative approach and reopening is gradual, our numbers continue to decrease—today they are the lowest since March. I don’t know what all of the protest gatherings will do to the numbers in the coming weeks, but time will tell.

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