Oh Dear!

E.U. May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus
European Union officials are racing to agree on who can visit the bloc as of July 1 based on how countries of origin are faring with new coronavirus cases. Americans, so far, are excluded, according to draft lists seen by The New York Times.


  • Does not surprise me at all. Why on earth would they take the risk?

  • Am sure they see the behavior at the Florida, Texas and California beaches and bars with little to no self distancing and only a few masks. As such, who can blame them for denying entry to US citizens?

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    You know, if everyone, 100% of everyone, had worn masks, did their best, social distancing, washed hands, and self-quarantined from the beginning, this pandemic would not have been nearly as bad. We may have even been able to open up a bit over time, well before now if conditions warranted and as we learned what worked and didn't. It probably wouldn't have stopped it, but it would have made it easier to hold out until we have a vaccine.

    The severe and deadly health risks aside, what many people don't understand, is that there is a ton of other social, business, and financial fallout. Don't follow the guidelines and go to bars and clubs- the bars and clubs are forced to close, and the workers, suppliers, delivery people, manufacturers, etc. etc, etc. stop getting paid. There are a whole host of side effects that many of the offenders don't realize, or unfortunately selfishly choose to ignore!

  • AlanS - 👍

  • You want to see/hear stupid to the nth degree, watch this youtube video:

  • Read a piece recently about why so many people believe in weird conspiracy theories. Basically it makes them feel special. To be part of some elite group. I blame reality tv. We've created a while slew of people who somehow think they should be a special person (a celebrity) vs being someone who's actually achieved something based on talent, skill, etc.

  • You know, I’ve just watched Dr Deb Birx take off a mask and put the side that was next to her mouth and nose down on the podium where fhe next person is going to put their hands....there really is no hope!

  • British - She is probably tested daily, and the podium is probably wiped down between speakers, just like an OR is wiped down between cases.

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