Tauck Zoom

We just finished the Tauck zoom on Canyonlands, hosted by veteran TD Don Dunkle who is a great guy with a photographic memory. He made us want to do the tour again and it’s certainly changed since we took it. I love geology and. Of any so it’s content was excellent. There were 2000 people joined the meeting.


  • I was one of those 2,000. We have done the Best of the Canadian Rockies but never the western United States with Tauck. The presentation certainly sparked my interest. Don is a wealth of information.

  • I was one of those who forgot and missed it :/

  • Oops. Missed it. Is a video of it available?

  • I've been looking but so far haven't found it.

  • I did partake of the Canyonlands webinar. Here's my assessment in a few bullets:

    1) Don Dunkle is a very smart guy when in comes to geographical history, rock formations, and vegetation.
    2) It was more educational than what I expected it to be. For whatever reason I was expecting something closer to the video segments you see in the Compass. It was less about the specific America's Canyonlands tour and more general knowledge/educational than expected.
    3) Even for a resident of the Sonoran Desert I learned a couple of things about the vegetation.

    Fun remembrance: When they showed the pontoon boats on the Colorado river. They brought back great memories of my float trip through the entire Grand Canyon (just below Glen Canyon Dam all the way to Lake Mead) on similar boats that I took 40 years ago.

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