Portugal: Navigating Sugar, Spices & Cultural Nices

Did anyone watch Tauck's Portugal: Navigating Sugar, Spices & Cultural Nices webinar today? I watched the first half hour but had to leave at the end of the section talking about spices. Did I miss much, was anything special after that?

I knew about the benefits of salt, but found it interesting to learn that, in addition to flavoring, a whole range of spices were used for preservation because the effect on bacteria and fungi (mold, etc.), so travelers of old could reduce eating spoiled meat, etc. FYI, we discovered a non-traditional home use for cinnamon- to keep ants away. We didn't believe it until we tried it. If you lay down a tiny strip of ground cinnamon where you think ants are entering your house, they will not (can not?) cross the cinnamon and will soon disappear. I don't know the science but it works and the cinnamon doesn't go bad nor attract other bugs.


  • I watched it. I enjoyed the historical aspects and the maps of explorations, and definitely learned new things about spices. I'm surprised that people didn't die from eating spoiled meat -- spice or no spice. I also enjoyed the presenter's enthusiasm, and actually laughed out loud at one point. (Don't ask me now what I laughed at -- I can't remember!) I think that you probably saw the more interesting parts. I do believe you can get it on the Tauck blogs if you want to see the rest.

  • I watched all of it and found it very interesting but I think some people might be expecting more about the food and certainly about the new Douro River Cruise as was mentioned by the moderator at the beginning.
    It was recorded and will be able to be seen on theTauck blog

  • The speaker's grasp of Portugese history was excellent, as was her enthusiasm.

  • What a delightful young lady! I hope to have her as one of the tour directors on our Douro River adventure next spring.

  • If Americans are allowed in Europe by then.

  • It does look rather dismal right now, but maybe we will finally get our acts together and abide by simple precautionary measures.

  • I watched both of the recent presentations - The Canyonlands prior and now the Portugal one. I'm impressed with the depth of the material presented, but I'm a bit perplexed by a somewhat discontinuity between the presentations and any specific tour. To me, there is a slight connection at best. I guess the Canyonlands presentation may have connected closer to an actual tour than the Portugal presentation, but still a lot more general knowledge in nature, than tour specific.

    Would people be interested in presentations like these that focused more closely to specific tour itineraries? Presented the same level of detail, information, history, foods, etc. but more closely aligned with stops on an actual itinerary - history of the area for the tour stops, foods associated with tour stops, culture associated with tour stops, etc.

    Or would a presentation like I suggest eliminate the excitement of discovery more than it would wet ones appetite to take the tour?

  • My observation when I have been on tours is that some people turn off when given that amount of detail, and on the two Small Ship tours I did, Iceland, and Panama Canal, people didn’t even come to the lectures. On buses, when given talks like this on the longer drives, some talk and chatter, it drives me crazy. I love all he detail and certainly people need to shut up if they are not interested.
    I think you are right Sam, it would make more sense to actually talk about a tour, where they stop, show bits of video. Especially as the Douro River is a new venue, it would be one I’d be interested in going on.
    After all, as Sam knows, I had a staring role in the Panama Canal video and that was a nice informative video about that tour.

  • British - I agree that the presentation level of detail won’t work during an actual tour because of the disparate desires. But for a presentation like we are viewing now, where people sign up and are free to view or leave the presentation whenever they want I think it would make sense. My only question as I stated would it do more to excite people to take the tour, or give them a feeling of why go on the tour now, I’ve seen and heard “all” already?

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    It was an excellent presentation and I’ve been on tours where there has been the same level of details, even on the bus. Yes, I forgot that if the presentation is not your thing, you can leave!

  • British - I agree with you, while on river cruises the TD or others always have lectures that few people attend, they are always very detailed and give information on sites or places to be visited. It drives me crazy when people chat during talks in the bus preventing others to listen.
    I wish the Portugal presentation had more information about the Duoro river cruise which is one I intend to take in 2022 but I found it very interesting and the speaker's knowledge of history was impressive.

  • It would be nice if Tauck let people see the presentation after the fact. I have not been able to see them live. Maybe allow access after login if a restricted audience is desired? Zoom and webinars allows recordings.

  • There was a "Recording" icon/light in the upper left of the frame, so who knows, maybe it will eventually be available for viewing.

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    The recording button indicated it was recording
    I would suggest sending Tauck an email to Esupport and ask. I’ve looked on the website. I can’t find the right link

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for your interest in our presentations.

    All of our Zoom presentations are recorded, edited, and posted to our Taucker Blog. You can find them here:

    Have a great weekend!
    Tauck Emily

  • Emily:

    Are these also posted on YouTube?


  • Don't see them on YouTube. Nothing has been posted to the Tauck channel in three months.

  • If you go to the blog Emily referenced, it indicates they will be posted after August 1st.

  • Hi TravelGuy,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    At the moment we are not planning to post them on yet, but that can change.

    Tauck Emily

  • Emily:

    Thanks for your response. I will "stay tuned."

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