Where will your Tauck travels take you?

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Assuming worldwide travel resumes in 2021, which Tauck tour(s) do you plan to take and why?

I am booked on the Douro River cruise in April 2021. I chose this tour because I am in love with the Iberian Peninsula, especially the history, Mooriish influence, monuments, people and, of course, the cuisine.

I hope to take three tours in 2022. One will be a small ship cruise to Alaska. My 2020 trip was canceled for obvious reasons. I have never been on a small ship and I do have some reservations about the number of passengers, but I think this mode of transportation through the Inside Passage is ideal. Remarkably, I have never been to Alaska. If anyone can help in describing the small ship experience, I will be most grateful.

I'm still researching the other two tours. One might be the Canadian Maritimes. I've done most of the Canadian tours, so why not this one? Then it will be back to Europe to possibly cruise the Seine.

How about you?


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    For 2021 we have our resked Switzerland Crown Jewels to look forward to at the end of Aug. Hopefully late enough in the year that covid won't cause another put off and be less of a problem wrt social distancing. That trip is in part because of family connections and because of the scenery.

    Tacked on to it we sked the Normandy Brittany land tour to fill in some sights we haven't gotten to on our Rhone and Seine cruises. But also because it was one of the few that had a start time that would line up with the end of the Switzerland tour.

    Thought seriously of Spain & Portugal, but decided to try for the Duoro plus Lisbon & Madrid river cruise for 2022. We love river cruises and I'd like to see the new ship with its rooftop pool and bistro.

    Also hoping for some US travel next year. Maybe in the RV or to our in-laws lake house.

  • Thanks for posting, Claudia. Tauck is working on getting this thread moved over to the Home page since it is not very visible here.

    Spain and Portugal was our favorite tour. We are very excited about the Douro cruise. And the new ship has a maximum capacity of only 80 guests!

    Your trips sound wonderful.

  • It moved to the Home page!

  • Hope your Douro cruise happens next spring. Will look forward to reading your comments on the cruise and the new ship.

  • cathyandsteve - Wow! Your trips sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I hope your Antarctica trip comes to fruition.

  • I have four trips currently booked with Tauck next year and hope to add more. I booked the "Bellissima Northern Italy" trip in early June, then I will spend a week on my own in London (seeing non-stop theater hopefully), then fly to the "Week in Scotland" trip that was canceled this year. For August I booked the "Kingdoms and Dragons" tour from Singapore to Bali (also canceled this year). I have the "Bordeaux & Iberian" small ship cruise booked for mid September. I had a Barbados garden tour (another company) planned in January but that was canceled. I had a Transatlantic cruise with Seabourn booked for April but today they told me this is canceled. The first four months of 2021 are up in the air but I do believe we will have a vaccine by then (fingers crossed of course). Best wishes to those of you out there who are as "travel deprived" as I feel. The most difficult part of this "lock down" is that I am at the point in my life where I have the time and money to travel (within reason) as much as I want. However, i have had some health issues this year that have reminded me that I cannot continue aggressive travels around the world (18 hour flights, etc.) forever. So while I feel I am in the final years where this is possible for me, I am stuck at home.

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    When I retired in 2010 my plans were to travel internationally every other year and within the USA annually. In general my international travels were extended trips of 3 to 6 weeks with 2 to 5 destinations or events included. In the USA my trips were 5 to 21 days with 2 to 3 destinations or events. COVID-19 changed that and the realization that my ability to travel as I age is diminishing. For me the opportunity to travel is now while I have the time, health and resources.

    Since my original post ACL River Cruises were changed by ACL due the the COVID-19 disruption of the completion date of their new ship American Melody and confirmation of a new Tauck USA land journey in 2022.

    See below my updated list of 2021 & 2022 Tauck & ACL land journeys and cruises currently booked..


  • I am so jealous, Derek!

  • We have two Tauck trips booked. The first is A Week in London and Paris in May, 2021. In all our travels, we have never been to the UK or France so we thought this would be a good trip for us. We were going to take the Australia Adventure in October, 2021, but Tauck cancelled this itinerary. We hope to schedule a fall 2021 trip, but waiting a little to see where we are with Covid. We also have the Danube River Cruise scheduled with the Oberammergau Passion Play in May, 2022. Hoping we can all travel safely very soon!!

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    I have South Africa Elegant Adventure booked for May 2021. Not sure it will go, but who knows? I am also booked for Essence of Japan in November 2020, but that will clearly be cancelled. At first, I was going to take my deposit back once Tauck cancels, but now I will probably roll it over to a 2021 date.

  • Waiting for 2023 Tours to be posted. So far just Jordan & Egypt (December 2020 & December 2021--can we take a quick guess at which one will be a "go"?) and Morocco 2022. May try to squeeze in Morocco in early 2021(if tours are operating) and travel to Singapore/Bali in 2022. I visited Singapore in 2006 - I know it has drastically changed since then.

  • We have two booked in 2021 and one in 2022: Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley in May, Kenya and Tanzania in August, and Israel and Jordan in April/May 2022.

  • I have 4 booked for 2021 2 of which were booked for 2020:
    Cruising the Seine, Paris & London - April 12, 2021 to April 26, 2026 (starting 2 days early)
    Weekend in New York - June 17 20 June 21, 2021
    Scandinavia - July 21 to August 4, 2021
    Kingdoms & Dragons: Singapore to Bali - September 29 to October 15, 2021
    Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  • Our 25th wedding anniversary was back in July & we had booked Uncommon Venice, Florence & Rome to celebrate. Needless to say Covid put that trip back in the box & we celebrated in our backyard instead. But we are making lemonade out of lemons & booked our first Tauck River Cruise. We are on French Escapade from Paris to Nice for July 2021. We've taken 9 Tauck tours & 4 Uniworld River Cruises but this will be our first 2 week trip to Europe so we are very excited! We also have a week at Disney World in March '21-not exactly far flung or exotic but a nice dose of warm weather at the end of a NY winter.

  • We have booked Sicilian Odyssey for October 2021 and perhaps Bellissimo Northern Italy if dates work. Hopefully by next October Covid will be behind us!

  • Following are the trips I currently have booked for 2021 and 2022:

    ACL Riverboat Cruise: Northwest Pioneers (Portland OR to Clarkston WA): Jun 29th to Jul 9th 2021.

    Tauck Riverboat Cruise: The Black Sea to Budapest -Westbound: Aug 16th to Aug 28th 2021;

    Tauck Riverboat Cruise: The Blue Danube: Budapest to Prague: Aug 31st to Sep 11th, 2021;

    Tauck Land Journey: Switzerland: Europe’s Crown Jewel: Sep 12th to Sep 22nd, 2021;

    Tauck Land Journey: The Ultimate Alps and Dolomites: Sep 23rd to Oct 5th, 2021;

    Tauck Land Journey: Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter: Jan 11th to Jan 18th, 2022

    Tauck (Waitlist) Riverboat Cruise: Romantic Rhine & Oberammergau - Amsterdam to Basel Southbound: May 18th to May 28th 2022: (Waitlist Confirmed 4/13/2020);

    Tauck Land Journey: Romantic Germany & Oberammergau: May 28th to Jun 10th, 2022;

    ACL Riverboat Cruise: Complete Mississippi (New Orleans LA to St Paul MN): Jun 24th to Jul 15th 2022;


  • Currently have booked:
    Egypt 11/21
    Japan 4.22 (rescheduled twice)

    Unless some miracle cure happens sooner than expected, not going to book anything before Egypt trip.

  • We tried four different dates in summer of 2020 to go on the French Escapade River cruise...Tauck finally cancelled our last hope for October. We rescheduled our Oberammergau trip with Tauck for August 2022 but booked to see the gorillas with Tauck August 2021 (fingers crossed that we get to see them...booked prior to the Covid outbreak). Adding Kingdoms and Dragons for 2021 or 2022...we’ve been on 13 Tauck trips and still hoping to add more. What a wonderful world!

  • Derek, I love how you organized your European trips. Hope you get to enjoy your extended visit to Europe.

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