More 2021 Dates

For those interested in this tour I noticed recently more dates seem to have been added. There is now a 3 Sep Classic tour and I think more Small tour starts. I wonder if other tours have also had dates added recently in the hope that Tauck can recoup some of this year's losses and meet the spent up demand unmet this year.


  • Claudia - This seems to be a common practice for Tauck. When first announced a tour sometimes will have a limited number of dates. In a month or two after first announcing dates, perhaps once they see what the demand is, they will add additional dates.

  • More opportunities to have a $30 hamburger. :)

  • A senior TD once told us that it’s always worth calling Tauck to see if they are thinking of adding extra dates, especially if they have a good wait list where they can call people with a date that a good nu,very raw interested.
    When catalogues were routinely mailed, there were never that many tour dates but it always said call to check for additional dates.

  • Crown Jewels certainly isn't a new tour and was already very popular. The 2020 dates had filled by the end of last summer except for some in Jul and Aug. Seems everyone prefers to avoid the peak summer months.

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