Great Gorilla footage

Attenborough and the special moment fuelling his hope

Brings our visit last December back to us


  • British, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video. That must have been quite an experience for you to view the gorillas up close. Did you feel fearful at any time during the experience? I love the one image you shared from your trip. Do you have other pictures you can post?

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    ![]( "We were not frightened but you had to keep your eyes peeled because if they seemed to be coming towards us we were supposed to move out of the way. The young ones moved around a lot like toddlers. A couple of young ones were rolling around so much they rolled over my husband’s feet.

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    You can see how close we were by seeing the other half of our group in one of our photos.
    Smarks was on the tour, if you see this, please post some of your photos!

  • Actually, I’m in the above photo!

  • WOW!! Great pictures. You were alot closer than I thought you would be. The baby's are so adorable, especially in the Attenborough video.

  • Hint, British is not wearing her Elizabethan garb.

  • Here I thought it was the Irish or Scottish lasses that were known for their red locks. :D

  • Alan and Sam, you are both kinda wrong.....this is why it can be an advantage to be a woman.....the photo Alan refers to was me in a show costume, had dark hair back then. Sam, was a red head for two or three years, since hubby had red hair and all three of my grandchildren have red hair, so wanted to get in on the act. Since lockdown in March, I’m all gray and like it. 🤪

  • British the gorilla pictures are amazing, the babies are so cute and it must be nice to able to get that close.

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    The most amazing experience.
    Note, one of the very few times I am without a hat. It was so very very hot and humid and along with the high elevation, the local guide said it might be a good idea to take hats off to help cool us down, so I did and it helped a lot. Thankfully, for most of the experience we were in the forest and I was plastered in sun screen

  • British what month did you take the Gorilla Safari? I'm looking at maybe 2022.

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    Started in December 2019, but by the time we were in Rwanda it was almost new year. Elevation is high and should be taken into account for your fitness level. It’s also very humid and can rain a lot on the hike, we were lucky, no rain. You experience very large stinging nettles and can come across fire ants, but the hotel lends you gaiters. I wore thicker than normal but lightweight pants that have bug repellent in them, thick socks and an old long sleeve top, I’m the one in green in the photo. I took gloves but had to take them off along with my hat because it was so humid. I took walking poles with me, but much to my husband’s annoyance, I decided to use the provided cute gorilla decorated provided poles. I’ve never used walking poles before, but glad I had something. I’ve learned by watching others using poles on other Tauck tours, what not to do when using them....don’t point with one in your hand, you can blind someone. Don’t put the pole behind you, you can trip someone up, people have done both these things to me in the past.
    The pathways are narrow, and muddy, even though we had no rain on our day. We had a comparatively short hike to our gorilla family but some groups hike for hours to their assigned families. Worth every bead of sweat! We were driven to our start off point, met our porters, started off crossing open farmland, making quite fast pace and increasing elevation, then arrived at the start of the forest and nettles etc. The personal porter carries all your stuff and will take your hand to help you, needed at times because of the narrow uneven and muddy walk we had. Don’t know how this would work with social distancing.
    Rwanda is a beautiful country, just gorgeous countryside. Of all the African countries I have been to so far, I would rate the top two in order Namibia and then Rwanda in how incredible the scenery is. But Tanzania will always remain my favorite country, my first Africa experience.

  • Thank you British for the most precise information.

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