Is it worth keeping the premium credit card for 2021?



  • Looked at my Sapphire Reserve account today. Like BKMD (see his Jan 6 post in this thread) I was charged the $450 annual fee rather than the $550 fee quoted for new cardholders. So it looks like they are grandfathering existing cardholders at the lower fee, at least for now. Glad I decided to keep the card.

  • I just completed my $300 travel credit for the year with grocery store purchases. I believe that temporary benefit expires in April, but it wouldn't surprise me if they extend it with travel still on hold for the most part.

  • Triple points for grocery purchases through April, as well. Valuing points at 2 cents/per, this (conservatively...we only use them for premium cabin flights), this alone will go a long way toward the $150 net cost (after travel & grocery $300 credit). Always triple points for restaurants and we're doing a lot of carry-out, too.

  • Oddly, I did one takeout a few weeks ago that didn't count as a restaurant. The order was placed online through a third party service which wasn't categorized correctly by Chase. I changed the category manually on the Chase web site, but that didn't affect the points. it was a cheap meal, so not worth bothering to call them over it.

  • Yup. That was a purchase from a delivery service, not the restaurant. They also pay the restaurant at reduced rates so, if possible, much better for the restaurant to order curb-side delivery and pick it up yourself.

    Having said that, I forgot that another current incentive is $60 towards a DoorDash delivery this year (and there was $60 for last year). So. it'll be the one delivery order we place this year.

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