anyone think tours will be running by June 2021?


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    No, too early, maybe if by a miracle you get one shot by then, never would we have gotten the second. Unless of course you are a very important person.

  • I'm hoping. From what I've seen, the vaccine should be available to all high risk people (seniors like me) before April. This would mean a second shot 30 days later and time to gain full immunity before June. This may be optimistic (stuff happens), but I'm still hoping. May be hard for the general population to get fully vaccinated by then.

    I would think that domestic trips are likely to be the first to operate.

  • I am planning on going on our river cruise on the Seine in mid August. I think you could have a good chance of traveling stateside in June. Let’s all stay safe now and keep our fingers crossed.

  • Don't think I'd book a cruise until the on board precautions are no longer so stringent. Good luck Choc.

  • My Magic 8 ball ball gives it a 20% chance with restrictions.

  • My husband spent most of his working life dealing with the FDA, I’m watching the news right now and it’s saying the first vaccines will be given December 10th, but the advisory committee is not even meeting until that date.

  • JoWeber,
    Since your question pertains to a June 2021 Yosemite Tauck tour, I, being an optimist, think your trip will come to fruition. Time will tell whether or not a vaccinated population will be a requirement for Tauck tours in relatively isolated areas. Moreover, it will depend on how much risk you wish to take with or without a vaccine.
    Won't it be glorious to travel once again?
    Stay safe and well!

  • doesn’t matter how isolated you think an area you may be going to is, the people you are going with will have come from all over.
    I’m interested to see how Tauck will handle the ‘have you been vaccinated?’ question, as clearly there will be only a small number of people vaccinated by mid 2021, or maybe some people might have had one of the two required. If only those over 65 can have access early on, that cuts out younger Tauck travelers and of course, I don’t know how they will handle the Bridges tours since there has been no trials on under twelve year olds and probably won’t be for some time. I’m not being negative here, I’m just looking at the true reality. People are still not wearing masks correctly, even dear Joe Biden continuously plays with his mask on camera, someone should give him a tutorial.

  • We just got back from Yosemite including drinks at the Ahwahnee where Tauck stays. It is a low covid area, but our governor banned indoor dining on the last night of our stay. We still had a great five days there staying at the Evergreen Lodge which is near Hetch Hetchy. So the short answer, Yosemite is open and available now. Eating outside in 40 degree temps was still pleasant as they had sufficient heaters available.

  • Got my 2021 Tauck calendar today. Putting my mark in for our August trip in pencil.

  • With every vaccine announcement I get more optimistic about 2021. Just have to get thru the winter.

  • Rick Steves just sent out a mass email stating they won't resume GROUP tours till at least August 2021 and even that is pending.

  • I watch to see when cruise operators are selling cruises. It looks like Windstar is planning on resuming operations around the first of April. “Old” people ... like us ... might have a reasonable expectation of being vaccinated by then, and Windstar is not ‘Disney’, so they may be telegraphing reasonable expectations.

  • Sealord, you are not going to get the two doses of vaccine by April

  • Travel in 2021 is a pipe-dream.

  • cathyandsteve
    Look at the millions of folks traveling RIGHT now. The airports are FULL.

    They are all selfish fools.

    Hope your plans work out well for you, Cathy.

  • Having an opinion does not make one selfish or a fool, perhaps you should temper your insults.

  • We all just have opinions. I don’t think we need to be hurtful.
    I must admit, I’m glad I am no longer a practicing nurse, my family would be terrified for me. My husband saw his dr. for his shoulder injury this week. The dr.told him he was so frightened of the virus that he self isolated for the first four months while he was seeing patients to protect his family until it became clearer that it was an air born disease.

  • Calaf
    Having an opinion does not make one selfish or a fool, perhaps you should temper your insults.

    Science is not an opinion.

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    Actually, today it is.

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