Travel Predictions from Carnac the Magnificent

Well maybe not Carnac, but here's my conjecture.

I believe the airline recovery will begin in late Summer and be in full swing by the start of 2022. By late Summer the bulk of the US will have been vaccinated. By early 2022 a great number of foreign countries will be or will have begun their vaccinations. I think 2021 US holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) travel will return to normal levels. In early 2022 Americans will be flocking to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America for Winter vacations. The Spring and Summer of 2022 will see the return of European vacations to near normal levels. The harder ones for me to predict are the Exotics. I should be good in October 2022 for my Egypt tour, but lots of people may initially avoid the Exotics, having enough pent up travel desires to safer locations. This would predict that the Exotics will be in full swing again in 2023. Enough for now with my tarot cards. :D


  • Sam - So who's going to win the Superbowl and by how many points?

  • You predict one more TD than the bookmakers.

  • Funny and about as useful as everything else said on the forum recently. I've been pretty mellow up til now with whatever topics people wanted to discuss not joining in the "but this isn't about travel" club. But starting to pay less and less attention lately. It's all so depressing and so so out of any of our control.

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    Carnac is a place in Northern France, it’s many years since we visited but it has famous standing stones, not as large as Stonehenge, maybe more like those in ‘Outlander’ and smaller. When we were there, you could certainly walk right up to them. I’m posting a link for interest

  • cathyandsteve: still curious about what county in what state only gets 250 vaccines in a week. UCSF is punching out well over 1,100 per day and they say they are short on supply.

  • Your Google search is a little different than mine. Most states are grouped in the 50 some percentage distribution range. Since each person needs two shots, this may make some kind of sense. Mississippi is actually last on my search, which does not surprise me since I lived in Meridian for six months. You might also Google the population of Jefferson County, Missouri. It does appear that people who are not affiliated with a health care system might have a more difficult time getting a vaccination. One friend of ours who is in our system but had not seen a doctor for some time could not get an appointment for a vaccine until after she made an appointment with her doctor for a different service. At our Thursday night cocktail party four of the five people present had their first vaccination. Two were with UCSF and two were with Sutter.

  • In Arizona the counties variance in population is quite large. The largest has 4.3M people. The smallest about 9500. As such, the vaccine allocation is tremendously different.

  • My county in PA has about 880,000 people and one and a half percent of them have been vaccinated as of last night.
    They were receiving 5,000 doses a week but now it’s 3,500. People who live in other states are coming here and taking some of those doses. It’s nothing to do with being signed up with a doctor here, it’s who can nab an appointment on line, if there are even any in the first place. I see several doctors a year, and recently saw my family doctor, it means nothing. Trump screwed us all, he was offered 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine last year and he turned them down and Pfizer sold them to another country.

  • Breath more deeply. According to ‘Hospital Review’ Missouri has vaccinated 505,207 people. I will not discuss this further, but some here insisted that it was impossible to even have a vaccine until at least June of 2021 ... and that was dreaming. The states are managing vaccination distribution, not the Feds. The Feds are telling them how many shots to send to which states, and the states are deciding who gets them. I’m done with this.

  • cathyandsteve,
    I can relate to your frustration. I have a 96 year old and I simply cannot get an appointment for him. I am not willing to drive 75-100 miles to take him to a "super site" and wait in line for hours only to be turned away because they ran out of doses. Worse yet, we now have people protesting these sites. These are not peaceful protesters.
    I think it is disgraceful that you, as someone who deals with death every day, cannot be given priority for the vaccine. Thank you for what you do. I will never forget how kind, compassionate and professional my funeral home director and her staff were when I had a tragic loss in my family. You are truly blessed by G-d. Hang in there. We will get through this and we will travel again.

  • Although Gov Newsom is facing a serious recall over any things, I have to say our vaccine roll out hasn’t been too bad. That being said I live in a city with their own Public Health and they have been extremely aggressive. Los Angles has been paralyzed with indecision and they are way behind.
    My mother 93, and my husband and I and almost all of our 65 + year old friends have received first dose with second in sight.
    In our case we r judgemental over how long it is taking to get super cites up and running since everyone always knew a vaccine was in the future. Oh well, live and learn.

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    Kansas City by 10!

    Um, OK... :)

  • Should have asked Carnac instead of going out on my own. :D

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