Anyone booked for Israel & Jordan 5/25/2021?

Any other optimists out there booked for this trip. I’m going in a day early and would like someone with whom to plan some touring for the day before...fingers are crossed that this actually goes....I’m ready to start making up for lost time!


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    We took this trip in October 2018 and it was incredible. We went a day early and glad we did. We arrived about 1-2 AM after an exhausting flight from London. The great thing is that the hotel is a 5-10 minute walk from the Med beaches and the fantastic Carmel market. We were able to walk and relax along the Tel Aviv beach and spent a few hours at the market. The next to last photo was taken from our hotel room. I've attached a few photos. Hope your trip happens but if not think about October. The weather was great for us.

  • Thanks so much for the reply and the pics. I’ve been looking forward to the trip but now even more so! I will definitely rebook if necessary but my fingers remain crossed for may🤞🏻

  • Marshah - if you have any questions just send a mail in the top right side of the Forum and I'll do what I can to answer them. You will love the trip!

  • Marshah. Our tour April 13th has already been canceled by Tauck. We are rebooked for March 2022. I’m pretty sure your tour will also be canceled. Suggest you put yourself on a wait list for a date that suits you next year, they are filling fast.

  • I was there Nov 2019. Outstanding trip! On my pre-day, I rented a bicycle and took the path that runs along the Med south into Jaffa. Easy riding, mostly flat, except for a few spots in Jaffa. Great views. Also visited Carmel Market, which was about a 4 block walk, NE from the hotel.

    Unfortunately, I expect your trip will be cancelled. I just read a news story that Mr. Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer (a Greek Jew by upbringing) was denied entry last week because he hasn't yet been vaccinated. He said he's waiting his turn and didn't want to jump the line! If he's not an essential worker, who is? :)

  • That’s strange, all Pfizer employees are getting vaccinated . My son received his first one last week

  • We are booked for this trip but not until 4/28/22. We expect our mid-May 2021 trip to France will be canceled, and possibly our August K&T tour, which we will likely rebook for 2022. I expect our next trip that hopefully will go is next February to Hawaii!

  • Unless the itinerary changes you'll have a dinner on your own in Tel Aviv. One recommendation is the Manta Ray, located right on the beach. If you choose to go there have the concierge make you a reservation for your desired day/time as soon as you get to Tel Aviv. The reservations go fast. Several people in our tour that wanted to go there couldn't because they waited too long to get a reservation. I was on the tour in October 2019.

  • I am hopeful that the trip will actually go but I won’t be surprised if it would be a shame... I got such good flights using miles, but I’m flexible...whatever happens, happens. FWIW, I am almost a month past my second Pfizer shot. I got pretty lucky on the vaccinations.
    I do have a Tauck river cruise booked for new year’s week.....think of Peru for the fall...

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    Israel looks good, but what about Jordan?
    Virginiatravels, we got over 100 figs just like your photo on our one little fig tree last year, delicious

  • We are going on this trip Feb. 22, 2022. Anyone else booked?

  • We are going March, not hopeful anymore. Thinking about what to replace it with if it is cancelled and hope decisions are made in good time to do a different tour before they sell our.

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    We went on this tour October 2018. We all had lunch at this Uri Buri Seafood restaurant in Acre, Israel. Two Virginia Travelers and another person actually sat inside at the table next to this now blown out window. We remember it well as we enjoyed looking out at the beautiful area. It makes us sad to see this.

  • One of the best meals I ever had.

  • The Israel-Palestine fighting is disheartening. I'm really sad to hear about the torching of Uri Buri Restaurant. It was one of the best meals on the Israel-Jordan tour. Chef Uri escorted me and two other ladies on a tour of the kitchen, prep stations and the building out back where all of the fresh fish & vegetables were stored. I was so surprised he took time to show us his space. I am happy I purchased his cook book which he signed for each of us. I will prepare a meal from the book this weekend in memory of the restaurant. Bon Appetite!!!

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