May trip beginning in Malta

Will this trip actually be going? We've both had both of our Pfizer vaccinations!


  • I would guess it is very doubtful.

  • Maybe, maybe not.

  • The Windstar Cruises Greek isles trips are cancelled thru June. The Ponant website is not showing any southbound "Island Hopping in the Mediterranean" (which I think is the Ponant name for your tour) on Le Bougainville until August, and no northbound itineraries. The first northbound itinerary shown is not until 5/4/2022 to the 5/11/2022 on the Le Jacques Cartier. The Ponant website "Status of Upcoming Cruises" page doesn't work (Error 404), so who knows.

  • Highly doubtful it will go. If you look at and select Ponant, they have a red flag area Ponant Cruises Coronavirus Update. It describes the shutdown of their operations and a staggered startup. First cruise of Le Bougainville is set for June 7th!

  • We’ve rebooked for May’22. Anyone else?

  • Can anyone comment on whether or not the Grand Master's Palace is visited during the first full day in Malta? According to our itinerary, it is not included. Seems strange as that is a number one site to see per travel books. We're on the Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles May 16 to 27th 2023 trip. Coming in early so need to plan additional tours.

  • We did this trip in August 2021 starting in Marseille. We did not go to the Gandmaster’s Palace in Malta.

  • I am booked for this trip in June of 2024. I am going from north to south. I am curious about the best air .I am in Florida. I can get a direct flight into Frankfurt . Any opinions would be welcomed from past travelers.

  • Our ticket was on United which we flew from SFO to Munich. Then on Lufthansa to Marseille, and the return on Lufthansa from Malta to Frankfurt and SFO.

  • We are flying to Malta and Sicily in April and were quoted $22,000 for the two of us business class months ago. I guess it might be cheaper now as more flights have opened up. Needless to say, we are not flying business.

  • WOW! I knew prices for business were high (booked business on the Savoring France trip) but $22K? That's 5 1/2 times the price of my first new car in 72! Good luck, British.

  • We are also going to Malta in the fall and paying business class for two on United about 8,000. That’s the best my travel agent could find. I did see flights that cost a little less also.

  • We are headed to Malta for this trip scheduled Oct 1. We are coming in a couple of days early and then extending two nights at the end in Nice. We booked ourselves through American Express with our Platinum card and got business class for $5500 round trip. That is not for each, that is for BOTH!!! It might be worth exploring becoming Platinum Amex. Costs about $500 annually but it seems their airfares are better than anything else we have found.

  • Oops, I’m sorry…I misspoke. It’s $6500 for two of us. Still good, IMO from Miami through Heathrow.

  • FYI. Tauck is offering flat rate air for this summer. Business is $3590. pp

  • Choc, that's nice for those who can take advantage of it. Wish they were doing a better job on business class for other tours.

  • The American Express Platinum is close to 700.00 a year. I like to avoid Heathrow airport all costs.

  • I just did a 'what if' for constructive dates in July this summer from the East Coast r/t to Iceland on Delta, Business- $7,800 p/p with a 6.5 hr or $7837 p/p for a 19 hr layover in JFK on the return leg :o:o:o For the shortest layover, still long at 4 hr, it is $10,973 p/p ?!!?!?@#$ Seriously??

  • Iceland Air is the way to go to Iceland. Its business class is like domestic first class, but the savings are like 50%. At least that was the case when I flew them in 2021 (R/T non-stop Seattle). In addition, their lounge in Reykjavik is pretty nice. Then the price was <$2K per person.

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