Ponant small ship tour - Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice



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    BKMD - Ya, like 50 is the new 70 close. :D
    Well I guess 65 is 'close' to 70, but that 38 for a low is no where near 70. Enjoy those couple of hours in the 60s with the rest of the day not having 70 anywhere in sight.

  • Yep, we got socked this time. Missed the last one. We'll be in the mid 60s next week and 70s in Albuquerque. A pain but our trees really need the deeper snows.

    My husband bought his first atv with a snow blow blade years ago and I have a photo of him on Easter wearing an military issue parka and bunny ears plowing the drive.

  • Smiling Sam
    Well I guess 65 is 'close' to 70, but that 38 for a low is no where near 70. Enjoy those couple of hours in the 60s with the rest of the day >not having 70 anywhere in sight.

    Uh oh, I have a stalker who is fact checking me...
    Well, I did hear upper 60s on Sunday on the news this morning. That's close to 70. And the morning low is meaningless. I'm sure the same thing happens in Tucson - once the sun rises, the temp rises rapidly due to the dry air. Biking weather returns!

  • Smiling Sam:
    "From the cruise mapper.com website. This doesn't look good for my end of June tour to Iceland on Le Jacque Cartier."
    The Ponant website shows Le Dumont d'Urville doing the Icelandic Mosaic in June. It still gives us a glimmer of hope.

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    connorlaker - What does your Summary of Purchase from Tauck show. Mine shows:

    Additional Info: This tour sails Nights 1-7 aboard Le Jacques Cartier.

    Don't know if that would preclude Tauck/Ponant from changing ships. The Le Jacques Cartier is a much newer ship than the Le Dumont d'Urville, but both are Explorer class ships so they likely would be close to having identical layouts and amenities.

    I think we should know more, from a Ponant perspective, about mid-April. Ponant had said in a previous email that they would decide on their Iceland Mosaic sailings no later than April 9th. From Tauck, we might not hear until mid to late May.

    The following is from the Ponant website. It shows, like you say that Le Dumont d'Urville is doing the Icelandic Mosaic during June 30th to July 7th. The website gives no sailing for the Le Jacques Cartier for those dates, but it does show it starting on in the Baltic on July 8th.

  • I heard (on NPR) that Iceland is welcoming American tourists who have been vaccinated. Maybe it's just for land tours.

  • Smiling Sam, might Tauck have chartered the entire boat (Le Jacques Cartier) for their guests as to allow for smaller group sizes? I know that would be expensive but thought it might be a possibility. We are on the June 30th trip with another Taucktourian couple we have traveled with on several previous trips. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. We will be fully vaccinated this week and are looking forward to a nice vacation. Have mask, will travel!

  • Kpetzelt - Hope you’re correct. Would hate to get cancelled again and have to reschedule.

  • Smiling Sam
    My Summary of Purchase also specifies the Le Jacques Cartier, but it also states that "Tauck reserves the right to alter or curtail the itinerary and substitute hotels, sightseeing and/or conveyances as it is deemed necessary." I imagine that Ponant is making adjustments because of the ongoing uncertainty of travel in different parts of the world.
    We are scheduled for the 23rd of June.

  • When we did our Tauck Iceland tour, the entire boat was Tauck guests. Even though it said the ship might be shared with other guests. I imagine that some guests have already cancelled. The ship might not need to be changed because of this.You can’t rely on what it says on the website about whether there are spaces or not. We learned that when our original Singapore tour was cancelled due to lack of sign up and Tauck called and asked us to chose another date, but our original date remained and said sold out. This was all before. Ovid reared it’s head.

  • We received an email from Tauck today w/r to our end of June Iceland tour. They said as Iceland opens up more and more they are working with Ponant w/r to safety protocols. They said they should know more by mid-April. This all seemed encouraging to me. With this information, I'm increasing the odds of our tour actually happening to 33%. That's the highest odds I've given it since we rescheduled the 2020 tour to 2021. I have my fingers crossed. :D

  • That’s encouraged news Sam! Not looking good for our Scandinavia tour though!

  • What wonderful and encouraging news! I doubt very much if Exploring the Douro, Lisbon and Madrid will go on June 3. I wouldn't mind going to Iceland in June as we haven't been there. I will have to look into other options as June is one of the hottest and most unpleasant month to be in Tucson.


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