News on a Covid travel pass for BA

Covid-19: British Airways plans app-based travel pass

This may lead the way for travelers. I hate the thought of having to get a Covid test before every trip...I’d be so nervous about getting it done and the result in the time frame required


  • Now all BA has to do is convince all countries to drop the COVID test requirement and accept proof of vaccination. I'm not seeing much progress, announcements, plans, etc. for countries accepting proof of vaccination vs a negative test within 72 hours of arrival. I don't believe a single country has made that move yet or announced a plan to do so.

    Accepting proof of vaccination will be a MAJOR step in opening back up international travel.

    The 72 hour negative COVID test requirement is close to a no-go for pleasure travelers. I'm planning to go to Jamaica in April (a month after my second vaccination shot). They have the 72 hour requirement. We've made a reservation for our test on April 7th. The results are expected, online, within 48 hours. We fly out early on April 10th. Imagine the chaos and cost associated with:

    a) the test results are positive (resort, transportation, and flight costs, rescheduling, etc.)
    b) the test results are delayed beyond our flight time (same impact as above)

    This is for leaving from our home city. Imagine having this to deal with in an international city.

    In Jamaica, the place we are staying will provide the necessary testing, onsite, that is required to board the plane back to the states. If we get a negative test, the resort will provide a free place for you to stay until you can pass the test to fly home. We'd still have to reschedule the flights.

  • I wonder how long it will take before we start seeing a cottage industry for CORONA virus testing-

    "Get Reliable RONA test here. 72, 48, 24, even 2 hours before your flight- NO PROBLEM! Instant results, from Nigerian International Testing Centers. All done by email and signed and certified by Dr. Feelgood Gottatravel." :D:D:D

  • AlanS - A lot of the instant tests are not accepted by the governments, due to their lesser reliability. You have to be sure that the test you get satisfies the requirement, which just adds to the nervousness. Imagine showing up at the airport with your Instant Test results to find out that the test you took isn't accepted. :'(

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    Yes, but Dr. Feelgood Gottatravel, guarantees most especial good testing, accepted by governments of all nations, emirates, kingdoms, and territories, or your money back. How could you doubt that? :D:D:D

    Or how about this one, "Instant COVID test by mail! Enclose crisp, 2020 or newer USA $100 bill, lick and apply stamp. Send most rapid way our Lagos address today. We test stamp for virus, send most expeditious results, faster than a speeding bullet. Enclose $200 bill and get results even faster. We also accept bank payments just provide account and password information. Safe, reliable, and bestest guarantee. Do it now!" :D:D

  • Dear Friend,
    I am Prince Akeem of Zamunda. Because of Covid, I cannot get my money out of the country and request your help...

  • BKMD - what is your account number? I can reduce your interest rate to zero and also get you a discount and refund from your utilities provider. 🤪

  • BSP51 - Unless you can also extend my car warranty, we have nothing to talk about.

  • I just received my umteenth (all final) opportunity to extend my warranty! :D

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    I’m sticking with my ‘optimist’ estimate. The lid starts to come off travel by the end of May. California is starting to open up in spite of forces that love George III.

  • I’ve just been watching a wildlife documentary on Patagonia....Chile and Argentina, one of our favorite tours.

  • cathyandsteve
    The big question for us will be the Antarctica expedition in December. Will Argentina be accepting tourists?
    Right now ARGENTINA is closed to all TOURISTS

    You need to get Tauck to switch out Argentina for Chile. See the article below.

  • cathyand steve

    Massachusetts has loosened its travel restrictions in the past week. Once you are 14 days beyond your second shot and are feeling well, you will not need to quarantine. Vermont has made a similar determination. My brother who lives in NY is skiing there this week.

    It looks like your car trip to the northeast will be able to be undertaken.

    The following dated 3/10 is on the website:

    "Individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for at least 14 days are no longer required to quarantine or have a recent negative test result upon arriving in Massachusetts, under a new exception quietly made to the state’s emergency travel rules this week.

    The updated rules — which apply to most people visiting or returning from states with high COVID-19 rates — say that asymptomatic individuals who have gotten both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or a single dose of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine more than 14 days ago do not need to quarantine for 10 days or have a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival in Massachusetts."

    The state has also reinstituted outdoor dining where they put up barricades and close down one lane of traffic will go into effect as early as next week.

    ....maybe Easter in New England would be possible!

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