New March 31, 2021 Travel and Health Update.

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New update just posted.

All tours through May 31, 2021, with the exception of select departures of our Southern Charms, New Orleans & Mississippi River Country, Bluegrass & Blue Ridges and In Freedom's Footsteps itineraries, are cancelled.

Anything else significant?


  • The next one will be the key one for me (assuming the next announcement will go through June 30th) since my Iceland tour is supposed to start on June 30th.

  • Today I received an email and link to the Covid-19 Operating Protocol for my June 29, 2021 Columbia & Snake River Northwest Pioneer river cruise.

    Four notable items of interest for my fellow Taucktourians were:

    “Fully vaccinated guests are not required to obtain a COVID-19 test prior to travelling to the ship and will be asked to present proof of the vaccine (i.e. vaccination card) at time of boarding. A guest is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the last recommended dose of vaccine.”

    “On arrival to the ship (or pre-cruise hotel, if applicable) all guests will meet with the ship’s certified Medical Officer who will conduct a brief health evaluation and a COVID-19 test utilizing the shipboard medical facility.”

    “XXXXXX Cruise Lines has partnered with Vikand Solutions to provide a shipboard certified Medical Officer on each ship and various medical services, including COVID-19 testing.”

    “A dedicated space will be provided on each ship for medical consulting and will be equipped with a Quidel Sofia 2 COVID-19 testing machine.”

  • Yesterday I received an email from my TA regarding the cancellation of Exploring the Douro, Lisbon and Madrid from June 3 to June 14.   This is my second cancellation this year.  Also, when Tauck cancelled the Northern Spain and Rioja Valley they offered $500.00 if the money remained in the travel wallet.   However, the Douro River they just cancelled there was no offer of any kind.   Last year when they cancelled two trips in 2019 they offered us $2000.00 which was extremely generous if we left the money in our travel wallet.   Also, it looks like our trip with Silverseas will not go to Alaska in July.  What a disappointing year!  Hopefully, we can go on our two trips to Europe with Tauck in September. 


  • I just received an email from my TA and was incorrect in stating that Tauck didn't offer any incentive to keep the money in the travel wallet. They offered us $250.00 per person for the Douro River cruise.


  • I just got canceled and rebooked and was given the ‘incentive’ a second time.

  • There is a new travel update stating April 7th. There is a lot more information than has usually been give this entire past year!

  • Correct that all us trips are cancelled till July ?

  • JoWeber,

    See the 4/15/21 update on Tauck's website. U. S. tours with start dates through June 2021 are available for booking. Alaska small ship cruising is the exception due to Canadian border closure.

  • read this as this is on their website. saying "tours starting July 2021"

  • I'm booked for 2 trips in June 2021. Confused as it looks like june trips are cancelled. I'm booked for yosemite and yellowstone in june.

  • JoWeber - I would interpret the Tauck information the same way you have. Unless your trips in June are in the three pre-July trips that Tauck called out, then I'd assume yours will be cancelled.

  • If you expand the Open for Travel section on Tauck's site, you will see that there are many June trips that are open for booking. Many, however, are sold out.

  • I just want to make sure my two segments are going in June. According to the website it points a few that are going in June. Then it says all trips starting in July 2021. That’s what made me think some of June trips that were not listed were cancelled.

  • Ok, you have to call Tauck on this one, whether they say don’t call or not.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for bringing to light that the USA re-start messaging on our Travel Updates page was confusing. We have updated the language and hope that it solves the confusion. We also have a page that is updated daily for all tours that will be running starting in June. You can see it here: . If you are looking to travel in the coming months, visit the page frequently as we continue to add new tours and departure dates.

    Tauck Emily

  • Thanks, Tauck_Emily, for reassuring travelers that June U.S. trips are a go. I was unsuccessful in my attempts to explain "by July" meant trips before July, not in July.

    Now, we just need to hope for fall trips coming to fruition in Europe.

    Thanks, again, and stay safe.

  • Thks Emily, I was nervous for a minute there that thought June was cancelled. So glad TAUCK is up & going June on Thru July 2021 !

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