Dress Code for Spain and Portugal

I have been on other Tauck Tours where they want you to pack a dressy outfit (sports Jacket ties shoes , dresses for wife, ETC. ) that eat up a lot of weight and space. I took the Scandinavia Trip and dragged that stuff around for the whole trip and only used it on the last night. ( even then, we were in a private room and it wasn't necessary.) I'm thinking of taking the Oct. 13 tour and want to know what the current dress code is. Thanks, "Tauck is the best"


  • As the years have gone by, fewer and fewer people appear to dress up at all. Whatever is comfortable for you should be what you bring. We like to be somewhere in the middle of the pack.

  • Spain is a bit more casual than some other European countries. From what I recall, the dressier dinners on the tour (which has changed a bit since I took it) were all with the Tauck group only. So I think you can leave the jacket at home, but I would have some nicer casual clothes to wear to the nicer dinners.

  • I've never brought a sports jacket on a Tauck tour and never felt out of place. After 8 or so tours, the most sports jackets I've ever seen for the final dinner are 4 or 5 in the regular-sized groups.

  • williep -

    I took this tour in 2015 and although the itinerary has changed slightly, there are no events in which formal attire is required. We prefer to dress up a bit for the welcome reception and farewell dinner. This is our preference, not a requirement. My husband hardly ever takes a tie, opting instead for a dress sweater under a jacket. Simple sheath or a-line dresses work for me, as well as dress slacks with a nice top. You might want to definitely dress up a bit for the flamenco show since you might wind up on stage practicing your dancing skills with one of the performers! The Spaniards do tend to dress up more in the evening at the finer dining establishments, but that should not be a problem for you unless you enjoy eating supper at 2200 (10 PM).

    This was our favorite Tauck tour. Iberia is so rich in culture, history, architecture and food! I highly recommend this adventure. Good luck and safe travels.

  • Did this tour in 2014 (different now). The pictures below show as fancy as things ever got. This is for the farewell dinner.

  • normally the farewell dinner is when everyone dresses up a little more, I do both....
    I would recommend 2 sets of cocktail attiere... unless the schedule for this tour has changed , you'll have 2-3 opportunities to wear them.
    No need for Jackets.

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