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Entry requirements have been changing at an accelerating rate so we have decided that we need one simple vaccination policy that covers all of our tours and cruises. The trend is clear – whether it be entering a country or a local restaurant or museum – you will increasingly need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated. We will therefore extend our vaccination requirement, previously implemented for all European travel, to cover all Tauck tours and cruises globally.

As our partners and the places we visit have increasingly required that all visitors be vaccinated, it has become clear that it is no longer possible to accommodate unvaccinated guests and provide the quality experience you expect from Tauck. Therefore, effective September 7, 2021, all guests ages 12 and over will have to present proof of being fully vaccinated, such as the CDC Vaccination Record Card, at the start of their trip. There are no exceptions to this requirement, which is in place until further notice



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    voikk32 Hi, to be honest I feel sad for those with medical conditions.. that won't allow them to get the Vaccine. But if we have gotten it and want to travel , we should be able to have some sort of sense of security.. although not to trusted at a 100%... we should continue taking care of ourselves.

    ."Won't travel with you as long as your require the illegal jab. So many other places to visit that don't try to enforce an experimental drug that has killed and hurt many people. Don't need you!!!@!!"

    Well, I can only thank him/her for not wanting to come with us... not only because ( not being vaccinated ) but with that bad attitude and aggressiveness .. it must be hell to travel with it.
    Stay in your cage...that's where it/you belong!

  • There are very few medical conditions that would contra-Indicate getting the Covid vaccine.
    I’ve just heard from a good friend who was determining to get a third vaccine and succeeded in doing it without any cancer diagnosis and sort of immune system problems.
    Now Tauck need to sort out the failure to wear masks.
    I’ve been talking to a nurse friend in England today. She has two friends, both vaccinated, one arrived in Ibiza, Spain, tested positive, had to isolate there. another in Sicily who had to isolate. We have to be prepared for this. Tauck now state that their insurance does cover Covid illness.

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    Was surprised to hear today that friends headed to UK this month were able to schedule a third jab, based solely on age. I see a booster policy is still under discussion.

  • I looked into a booster shot in Tucson via the Walgreens interface. They said at this time only immune system impaired people were approved to get the booster. Now I hear even if approved, since I got the Moderna shots, the Moderna booster will be delayed. Nothing is easy with respect to anything COVID.

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    My daughter did an end run around the rules. She was vaccinated early (Jan?) in CA as an essential worker. Last week, she was in PA for a wedding. She stopped into a pharmacy and got her 3rd Pfizer shot, but to them, she was a new signup, as they didn't have access to her vaccination records.
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    Yes, all this is going to happen, it should not, not if the government had thought about a central database
    By the way Sam, my friends got their shots at Walgreens and a, pretty sure they had Moderna originally.

  • Voikk32, the person person who posted that comment on the Pavlus FB page has been removed from that group. Craig Pavlus posted a nice comment explaining why.

    SmilingSam, our friends walked into a CVS in Virginia, asked about a Moderna booster, and got it right away. They are not immunocompromised and only 6 months out from their second shot. If you go onto the CVS website, you have to check a box saying it’s your second shot or you’re eligible for the booster. My Catholic guilt kicked in and I couldn’t lie; we’ll wait until October for ours. (FYI, different CVS stores have different flavors, they route you to the closest one that has the dose you need.)

  • BKMD, mfrancis - I didn’t want to end run the rules or lie about my status or eligibility even though it is clearly very easy to do.

  • Question: Are the people running out and getting booster shots for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) doing that before getting a blood test to determine if they have antibodies from their previous inoculations or the illness, itself?

    I received my two shots in February and March and recently had a blood test to determine how strong my T-cells are, five and six months later. I have positive T-cells and therefore am ill-advised to receive the booster yet. I am obviously not anti-vaccine, (however, I am concerned about the federal and state governments keeping data bases on my individual health records or mandating the vaccine...HIPPA) but do worry about over use of the vaccines. I also feel the science seems to conclude that those who had the virus, have "herd" immunity. I realize that there seems to be a time limit on both those who had the disease and those who received vaccinations, much like taking an annual booster for "regular" flu.

    As Smiling Sam said: "I looked into a booster shot in Tucson via the Walgreens interface. They said at this time only immune system impaired people were approved to get the booster."

    In other words, a test is available to see if you really need the booster. It seems to me, prudent to check this out before moving on. Checking with your doctor might be a first step to receiving a booster, however, I believe we need to keep some level of freedom of choice in this situation, so to each his/her own. Your choice.

  • ndvb - Thanks for that post.

  • You're welcome.

  • ndvb wrote:
    (most snipped)
    In other words, a test is available to see if you really need the booster. It seems to me, prudent to check this out before moving on.


  • I also wrote that it is your choice to ignore the test…lack of science.

  • Tauck will probably act in their best Facebook and Twitter mode and close this soon. It’s nice to hear what others think actually, even if I disagree. Thanks for the thoughts.

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    What kind of ass would flag ndvb’s comments. They are polite and informative.

    Edit - I guess the same kind of ass that would flag my post.

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    nvdb is correct to distinguish the T Cell test, it is not he same as the test you can have to detect antibodies. You would probably have to specially ask your dr for it and I guess it might not even be free

    ‘ the level of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in blood samples does not always correlate with the T-cell response. ‘

    I do know people who have already gotten the booster by lying about their health status. We are waiting for approval from the FDA, likely after September 17th or further completion of clinical trial results

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    BSP51, thanks for having my back. Anyone who wants to flag my posts is free to do so. I don’t know what happens when they do that. I suppose at some point I am not allowed to speak. 😉

    I’ve never flagged anyone in here…agree or disagree. Woke society doesn’t like to hear anyone say anything that raises issues they don’t agree with. That just seems to be where we are heading.

    Again, thank you.

    EDIT: As a combat veteran who was wounded protecting the value of free speech, I actually find the “flaggers” quite humorous, yet sad.

  • I can’t believe that comment was flagged. I’ve been gone from here for a few years and this is new. I’m not sure what the consequences of being flagged are but I really don’t care. All these flagged comments, mine and others, are the result of discussion of COVID-19 issues. Go figure.

  • There ain’t no cure for stupid!!!😂

  • The flags happen because Tauck removed the Disagree reaction a few months ago.

  • No one should be allowed to make anonymous comments like that. It’s cowardly.

  • I agree. All reactions should disclose the reactor.

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    Oh, it’s no big deal. Thanks. Not that I was concerned anyway. I just wanted to know what the policy is. They won’t be kicking me off the trip. 😇 I’ll just be dealing with the woke, cancel culture folks.

    I just heard Rutgers told a student he couldn’t take a remote course without a vaccination. Hilarious.

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    ndvb - Enough with the “woke, cancel culture folks”. We most likely far outnumber you on this forum.

  • Regarding COVID boosters, since the Pfizer vaccine has full approval a physician can prescribe it for a patient if he/she believes the patient should have the booster, with no other restraints. We are in our 70's and reasonably healthy, but our doctor wrote us a prescription for the booster and we were able to get it this week at the same hospital where we received our first 2 shots. We are happy to have this extra protection.

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    We are waiting for the FDA to approve the necessity for a booster shot for people who are not immunocompromised. Right now it is not approved as a booster shot. So he prescribed it off label for you, which he is able to do as it is indeed fully approved for the first two shots. He was using the risk/ benefit decisions on both of you. I would have asked my dr to prescribe a test to see what my antibody levels and T cells status are. Only then if they were not good, would I want to jump the gun before all the clinical trials are completed on boosters

  • nvbd - I would have given you the 5th flag (I’m sure someone will)but I left your post up so everyone else could see what a true ass you are.

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