• British - In that article it says:

    Reuters reported that travelers participating in the new small-group tour program will have to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test that was taken within 72 hours of arrival in Israel and take a serological test at the airport in Tel Aviv (TLV). This is in addition to proof of having received a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine within the last six months — or a booster shot.

    My second vaccine shot was almost exactly 6 months ago and I'm not yet eligible for a booster shot so if I read the requirement correctly in a few days I wouldn't be allowed in to the country because my 2nd vaccine shot will be over 6 months ago. I think lots of people will start failing this requirement if they don't authorize booster shots for everyone.

  • Sam, several countries have already begun time restrictions on the last vaccine, but the six month one is even more strict than the ones I’ve seen which so far have been 270 days, about nine months. I immediately thought about when six months would be for us before I posted this. First, I think you at seventy plus will be eligible for a booster. You are an old guy, cute though you look in your tux 😂😂😂🤪 The FDA should approve the vaccine for more than just immunocompromised people and I know several who have had a booster and have no health issues apart from being old, actually younger than you.
    The booster has already been approved in the UK by their medicines agency, our government won’t like being pipped at the post again.
    I’m going to make sure we time our booster very carefully. I might ask our dr to check our antibodies etc

  • It is looking pretty good to me, but, unfortunately Israel isn't currently on our schedule.

    Boosters are another topic. As has been reported you can get them now if you investigate a bit. We just learned our friends across the street, who are not immunocompromised and have no underlying conditions went to a CVS in the next town and got boosters!

  • The 'booster' is available - I'm a nurse anesthetist and many of my coworkers and their parents have already received their 3rd dose. Most of us got vaccinated in December and January. Sam's, Costco, CVS, Walgreens, Health Dept, etc - they are simply registering and no questions asked. I am taking my parents next week (they are NOT immunocompromised, but they have many coexisting illnesses). Most of the data is showing that those of us who are NOT immunocompromised, don't 'need' the booster yet as our antibodies are still high. I am flying to Maine in October, and do plan to get mine before I fly.

  • It appears that as of September 9th update, Tauck has cancelled all tours to Israel and Jordan thru December 31, 2021.

    Israel and Jordan: Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to operate our tours to Israel and Jordan due to current entry restrictions. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to cancel affected trips to Israel and Jordan through December 31, 2021. For all guests departing February 2022 or later, we will notify you before your final payment is due to confirm the status of your tour or cruise.

  • Well that's a bummer, but it does match the "Open for Travel" pages which do not list the Israel & Jordan tour.

    It looks like Tauck may have been a bit pre-mature (or not?) but it is likely too late to reverse that decision. It appears the reason is due to Israel not Jordan, because the Jordan & Egypt tours are still a go!

  • AlanS I hope you are correct and this ONLY affects the Israel-Jordan tours because of Israel restrictions. What a bummer If I have to wait another year for Jordan-Egypt.

  • This does affect just any tours going to Israel. Our tour is March, it’s a classic tour, so it may be more than 30 people which is the max number of people on a tour that Israel will now allow. All I know is, our tour isn’t full. I can’t seem to find these days how many people are on a specific class of tour, because they vary. I know small group is 24. We don’t usually do small group unless the date we like best is small group because classic tours are rarely full these days.

  • It looks like another restriction is that the group of 30 or less must arrive and depart together. I don't believe a Tauck tour to Israel would qualify.

  • I received this message from Tourist Israel this morning
    Ah yes, see what you mean, let’s hope it’s more lenient in six months!

  • Does any know if the Israel Jordan tour visit the Cenacle in Jerusalem- Tomb of David and Room of the Last Supper? If not, is there enough free time to visit this on our own? Has anyone seen this and would you recommend?

  • We didn't visit any of the places you identified during our 2019 tour. I think there would be some time to visit something additional in Jerusalem, perhaps one afternoon. I know some people did.

  • Atomptom - I have been to both places you noted and would highly recommend. We went with a private tour guide for our 1 day in Jerusalem after a business trip in 2018. seeing both could be done in half an hour if on your own - although I’m not sure you get the full flavor with a guide

    edited September 2021

    My Tauck tour to Israel and Jordan (which was my second favorite tour) went to the Cenacle and the Tomb of David, but could have been a fill-in on the day that we couldn’t go to Bethlehem because the West Bank had closed its borders because of COVID. Frankly, I found it underwhelming.

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