Missing the Green Book

Since we are currently not receiving the handy green book for our trips, I found a handy way to solve the problem. I printed copies of the pdf travel information. Then I went to Office Depot and bought the 2-pocket folders with fasteners. They are translucent heavy plastic that will do a great job of protecting the pages of information. Lots of colors to choose from, so I got GREEN, of course. I used my 3-hole hole punch and now I am good to go. Hopefully, the green books will return in the future when travel settles down.


  • I do something similar. I make a brochure formatted for standard 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper using MSWord. I print it in full color. It is designed to be printed book style, front and back but I insert photos from the internet on the facing pages (back side of pages with tour itinerary) instead of text. It follows the day-to-day itinerary and includes Tauck's online descriptions of each day's activities. I highlight certain features and add other details such hotel stays, meals, pre/post stay info, and planned non-Tauck excursions. I print an initial copy but since it is a living document, I update the MSWord file as necessary until we leave (going on 3 years now! :/ ). Then I print and bind a final copy that we take with us. Other 'Green Book' info I leave on my iPad.

    I've attached the latest version.

  • Beautiful Alan! Maybe you can get a job with Tauck producing Green Book 2.0.

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    _Dixiechick Hi, as I was told.. green books are not coming back, but there is always a chance Tauck might change their mind.. part of the reason was a decision in favor of the environment ( go paper less- save a tree) _and I can imagine also cost...

    AlanS it's beautiful ! I want one.... I'll buy. :wink:

  • How many trees do they save if we all print it out? They're just saving money, which I can understand.

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    I think the reasons are fairly obvious why a printed Green Book no longer makes sense. With COVID, etc. changes happen quickly and it can be hard to keep the information current. It is even harder to keep a Green Book that must be printed, bound, and mailed much earlier. Tauck can wait much longer to freeze the info and send out an e-book.

    We don't use a TA so I can't say for sure if both the TA and the client are emailed the ebook at the same time, but, in the past there have been problems with TAs getting the Green Books but forgetting to forward them to the client or mailing them late. You used to see it all the time here on the forums.

  • My TA forwards me the digital ebook; I don't get it directly from Tauck. I never had a problem getting the hard copy green book from her.

  • Same here, regarding using a TA. I've never had an issue getting documents and have been very pleased with the service provided.

    Re the Green Book, it's reasonable to go digital now given the rapid changes going on, however, I hope they resume them once the world is again stable. Unfortunately, I don't expect that to happen.

  • When we first started doing Tauck tours we used a travel agent. But I now do everything myself. It wasn't due to poor service by the travel agent, but I didn't see the need to inject an additional step in the communication path. Travel agents are humans and get busy so you may not always be their top priority. In addition, in retirement, I have WAY more time to handle things myself and spend HOURS and HOURS on the Tauck forum. :D

  • Talk about Green Book delays- our English-speaking brethren in the UK, Australia, and NZ who frequently travel with Tauck often complained about getting their Green Books late and if not late, just the opposite- months early. No way they were up to date!!

    Smiling Sam
    . . . . but I didn't see the need to inject an additional step in the communication path. . . . . I have WAY more time to handle things myself and spend HOURS and HOURS on the Tauck forum.

    My sentiments exactly! I let everyone decide which is my primary reason. :D:D:D

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