Inside the GEM- Egypt.

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This video was sent to me by a TD friend base in Cairo, Egypt. We are so close to the opening..... but not soon enough. :(


  • Thanks mil! Can anyone translate the narration?

    If I'm reading the Facebook page correctly, this video was shot 9 weeks ago, around July 5 so does not reflect the current status of the GEM, but it really looks like it is nearing completion. All the sculptures and other objects have been placed on the Grand Staircase which happened several months ago. There was one interesting comment- true or not, one commenter stated it was forbidden to take photographs or shoot video inside so as not to spoil the surprise (during the grand opening?)

    I didn't realized the Grand Staircase was so 'grand.' There are a lot of steps and according to translated comments others are concerned about that too. Fortunately a few comments stated there is an "electric stairway" or "electric ladder."

    From the comments it is quite obvious that the Egyptians are extremely proud of the GEM and their country- something we all should keep in mind when we visit.

  • The Egyptians are definitely very proud of their heritage & their country and they have plenty of reasons to be, now they are building what it will become the new Capital and the architecture is just amazing a lot of new solar power infrastructures and very environmental oriented... it resembles a little like Dubai but with the final Egyptian touch.. always keeping the culture alive.
    I've always been fascinated with the Middle East culture , traditions, music and food. - crazy about their food :))
    I try to keep positive and I don't dig to much into the religious or political part of "ANY" culture or country.

  • I'm ready for a schwarma, hummus, and tabbouleh :D That was our 'go to' fast food meal in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Not so crazy for the falafel, though.

    Hmmm, now I know where we are going for dinner tonight :D Bateeni, though I'll probably order a gyro. :)

  • AlanS - Hmmm, now I know where we are going for dinner tonight :D Bateeni, though I'll probably order a gyro. :)

    Where's this dieting you spoke about in another thread? :D This is more like it. Leave the dieting for 2022 (the three months before your trip).

  • What I will likely eat = (meat gyro + fries) ÷ 2 and a glass or two of un-sweet tea. :) no falafel, no hummus, no dessert, not even tabbouleh with has almost no calories.

    We always need a to-go box or two and our fridge is loaded with half meals. :) As I've said, I can gain a pound by looking at food, but it typically takes me forever to lose it. It was a good week, I lost almost 2 pounds . . . . . so am staaarrrrving!!! :D:D:D

  • milmil
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    I will eat all the above!, also:
    AlanS ,don't worry.... I gain weight just by looking at a glass of water!

  • I told you so- I came, I saw, I ate :D and yes, I came home with leftovers!

  • OMG! that looks so good........ I'm dying. I'm on a diet!... all I eat was a small piece of beef and salad on a dessert plate.
    I'm so HUNGRY!!!

  • fries with lebanese garlic sauce

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    Alan - I hope you had a diet soda with that...

    BTW, I made Shakshuka for breakfast today. To go along with it, I had a side of hummus drizzled with tahini on top (Trader Joes shelf-stable tahini is the best), and some pita.. Discovered shakshuka while at the Jerusalem Waldorf on the I/J tour and fell in love with it. Prior to that trip, I never heard of it.

  • BKMD
    (Trader Joes shelf-stable tahini is the best) it is indeed.

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